TV series boosts cake sales in China

A Chinese historical TV series has captivated more than 1.6 million viewers

Meng Hualu, or A Dream of Splendor, a Chinese historical TV series has captivated over 1.6 million viewers in just two weeks. This has helped light up other sectors such as tourism and desserts.

The story, set during the Song Dynasty, centers on Zhao Pan’er, a woman struggling to make a living among men. Liu Yifei is a Chinese actress nicknamed “Fairy Sister”. The series aired its first episode on June 2. It got a rating of 8.8 on Douban (the Chinese equivalent of IMDb) and more than 400,000 viewers watched it in four days. It broke the record for domestic drama scores in 2022.

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A unique Tang Dynasty filming location in Xiangyang

The show is still popular and there are new episodes. However, the filming locations, traditional foods, and costumes used in the series have been highly sought after by consumers across the country. According to the website considered China’s “travel bible,” searches for Tang Dynasty filming locations in Xiangyang, Hubei Province, where the series is filmed, have increased by 75 percent.

The traditional Chinese candy He Guozi

The traditional Chinese candy He Guozi (a green bean cake in the shape of a lotus) has been the subject of an unprecedented buying frenzy by Chinese foodies. Sales of these products have exploded by 400% on Chinese e-commerce platforms in recent weeks. Other Guochao-themed sweets and “ancient desserts” have also been snapped up, leading to a doubling of sales.

The Han costume phenomenon

The Han costume phenomenon was also fueled by searches for traditional Han Chinese clothing from the Song Dynasty, which saw a 41.26% increase as of June 13 on China’s largest lifestyle sharing platform, Xiaohongshu, generating more than 30,000 relevant notes and over 1,900 products on the platform.

Some retailers have outdone themselves by offering photography services that allow consumers to photograph themselves in stylish attire at a location of their choice. This allows for more personalized service and provides a richer experience for their customers. This has created a buzz online with more user-generated content as young people flock to show off the final products.

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