Optimize Baidu Ads for Better Results (Full List)


How to Get more results with your Baidu Ads?

List of Solution to Optimize your Baidu Ads Results. 

  1. Website Speed test 
  2. Landing Page optimization for conversion 
  3. Click to Chat to engage visitors
  4. Choose and adapt your Keywords 
  5. Avoid fake clicks 
  6. Measure Results 
  7. Think more long trail 
  8. Think retargetting 

The main goal of a business is to get more leads and convert them into potential Clients. But this is not so easy, because successful conversions start with an initial portal: a website visit, especially in China, you need to have a Chinese website. We talk about PPC advertising or a social media post. Once you get a prospect with their general information, then you have the opportunity to understand more about a potential customer.

What is Baidu?

Baidu: https://www.baidu.com/

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It’s not a secret for anyone, that Baidu is one of the leading Search engines in the world. In fact, Baidu is a Chinese web services company that was established in 2000. They offer a number of services including a search engine. Some people think that Baidu is equivalent to Google, but it is not.

Baidu has indexed over 800 million web pages and accounts for well over 80% of Chinese internet search queries with tens of billions of searches on its search engine every single month. Similar to Google, Baidu also offers music streaming services, maps, images, data storage, and, more important for your business growth:  PPC(Pay-Per-Click) ads.

Why Choose Baidu?

With over 82% of the Chinese market share, You should wonder why wouldn’t you choose Baidu?  Baidu has a lot of competitors within China and Asia, but none of them can are so popular as Baidu. close to matching their reach.

Baidu is used by over 90% of Chinese internet users which represents around 700 million users. This is a huge potential audience for your product. Some research has shown that Chinese consumers actually believe that any company able to pay to promote their products in Baidu must be reputable. With Baidu ads on over 600,000 Chinese web pages, the potential marketplace for new business is colossal.

Online advertising has by far the largest reach in China and many companies report great success from it when compared to returns from other forms of advertisement. The main asset of Baidu is that both, PC and Mobile users can access your ads which are growing year on year.

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Trend very popular among B2B marketers, PPC is an effective way to generate leads in both China. However, to run an effective PPC campaign in China, B2B marketers need to have an understanding of cultural differences and the unique features of the Baidu PPC platform.

Today, I will introduce four exclusive lead generation tactics that B2B marketers can use via Baidu PPC to drive more conversions from Chinese prospects.

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