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Do you want to sell automated Machines, equipment, or spare parts to factories, and you want to deal with Chinese Agents?

Machine products boom in China

Since its opening to foreign countries, China’s modernization has increased significantly faster. As much in local production than in people’s everyday life, machines are everywhere. In production chains, with electronic devices and especially with smartphones getting more and more modern than before. Today, China is a key player in innovation as much in AI as in machines. For example, China has a step ahead of the world with its 5G network and its millions of subscribers.

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China is also known as the global manufacturing center and as the world’s largest exporter. These important roles ask for an organization, but overall ask for machines! With China’s rise as a global exporter and as a central manufacturing center, the machine industry rose with incredible numbers during the last decades. Local and foreign brands learned how to take advantage of this situation, and this opportunity still exists!

Indeed, foreign machines are considered more reliable since they are seen as better-quality products that can last longer than local products.

Machines in China

The machine market covers a wide range of very different products.

Usually, machines are divided into the following categories:

  • Power generating machinery
  • Basic components
  • Heavy machinery
  • Machine Tools
  • Construction machinery
  • Agricultural machinery

China is one of the world’s machine exporter leader

  • China’s machinery exports rose by more than +8% in 2017
  • US$406 billions of machines exports in 2017
  • Foreign-invested companies counted for half of this export
  • +12% of machinery imports in 2017
  • US$306.3 billions of machines imports in the same year

Machine products distributors in China

Machinery suppliers:

Key players (companies):

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