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Baidu Advertising for Beginners

Baidu advertising: banner

Baidu is China’s top search engine with around 70% market share, making it a prime platform for businesses looking to reach a massive audience in the region. With Baidu advertising, brands can utilize paid search advertising, in-feed ads, and brand zones to increase their online visibility and promote products or services more effectively.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how businesses can set up a Baidu advertising account, create effective campaigns that appeal to Chinese audiences, optimize for better results through SEO strategies on Baidu and use analytics to enhance campaign performance.

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Overview Of Baidu’s Services

As China’s leading search engine, Baidu offers a wide range of online marketing and non-marketing value-added services to businesses. In addition to Baidu search, there are also many subplatforms, like Baidu maps, Baidu Tieba, listening services, cloud, and many more, which can be compared to the Google ecosystem.

With its high market share in China market across both desktop and mobile users, advertising on Baidu can provide significant reach and visibility for products or services targeting Chinese consumers.

Moreover, Baidu SEO is crucial to ensure better results on the platform by optimizing website content and building backlinks.

Baidu advertising: statistics

Demographics Of Baidu Users

As a search engine based in China, Baidu’s user base primarily consists of Chinese internet users. In fact, as of 2023, there are over 620 million daily users typing in 5 billion queries every day.

This makes Baidu an ideal platform for businesses looking to reach the Chinese population through online advertising. It’s important to note that Baidu’s demographic skews towards younger audiences, with an estimated 70% of its users under the age of 35.

Differences Between Baidu And Google In Terms Of Advertising

There are significant differences between the two platforms. For starters, Baidu’s cost per click (CPC) tends to be lower than that of Google Ads.

This makes it a particularly attractive option for businesses looking to advertise in China, where online advertising costs tend to be higher than in other parts of the world. Paid ads on Baidu are definitely cheaper than on WeChat or Weibo.

Another major difference is how Baidu presents paid advertising compared to organic search results. While Google’s clear ad section distinguishes ads from regular search results, Baidu takes a subtler approach. Instead of clearly separated sections for ads and organic results, you’ll find small “promotional” tags on sponsored content within what appears as organic search listings.

Baidu advertising: example

Baidu offers a range of ad formats including text, image, video, and interactive display ads which are designed specifically for the Chinese market. Moreover, Baidu’s advertising system allows for different combinations of keywords and targeting techniques such as geographic location or device type targeting to help drive more relevant traffic and improve conversion rates.

Both platforms cater to different customer needs as well; Baidu offers features such as keyword targeting and demographic targeting based on things like age/gender which don’t exist within Google’s platform yet while with the latter you have access to unique advertising opportunities such as display advertising and remarketing campaigns that are unavailable in the former platform too.

How To Set Up A Baidu Advertising Account?

To set up a Baidu advertising account, begin by registering for an account, verifying it, funding the account, and then setting up a campaign.

Registering For An Account

To set up a Baidu advertising account, you need to register through one of two options: online or via a Baidu agency. The online registration process may take longer and requires legal documentation such as a business license or registration certificate, as well as company information submission.

Overseas account registration can be more complicated due to language barriers and different legal requirements. On the other hand, registering through a Baidu agency can expedite the process since they have direct communication with Baidu’s team to handle paperwork and verification.

It’s important to note that contacting an agency is mandatory for setting up a Baidu ad account.

Verifying and Funding The Account

To set up a Baidu advertising account, the first step is to verify your company’s website address. This process requires several documents to be submitted for verification, including business licenses and other relevant documentation based on location and industry.

Once verified, Baidu will send an email allowing you to complete the account setup process. Then you will need to pay the fees.

These include bank transfers, UnionPay cards, Alipay, and WeChat Pay. The minimum amount required to open a Baidu PPC business account is ¥600 (around $90), but the ideal budget size depends on factors like industry and advertising requirements.

It is important to note that Baidu only accepts local clients and has authorized various local resellers and divisions to handle the PPC business within their respective regions.

high end eyewear brand baidu serp
Bolon eyewear on Baidu

Setting Up A Campaign

To set up a successful Baidu advertising campaign, it is crucial to plan and execute the process correctly. This involves conducting extensive keyword research, creating effective ads, setting realistic budgets, targeting specific audiences based on demographics and interests, and complying with Baidu’s strict ad regulations.

For instance, when setting up an account, one must choose the appropriate account setup option depending on their industry segment and region segmentation criteria. It is equally essential to have a deep understanding of Baidu’s paid search platform and optimize your ads for maximum visibility while adhering to the rules set out by China’s largest search engine.

franchise promotion in china by gma

Baidu Tuigang

Baidu’s PPC advertising platform (or so-called Baidu ads manager), Baidu Tuigang, offers an excellent opportunity for businesses to target Chinese users with higher buying intent.

Setting up a Baidu advertising account involves registering for an account, verifying it, and funding it before setting up a campaign. Once set up, a business can use display or PPC ads on Baidu to promote their products or services effectively.

Furthermore, optimizing website content for better results through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on Baidu is essential for getting your ad noticed by potential customers organically.

Baidu Advertising: Display And PPC Ads

Baidu offers a variety of display and PPC ads, including in-feed ads, sponsored posts, search ads, and influencer marketing, with options to choose keywords, target audiences and set budgets for more effective advertising campaigns.

Overview Of Baidu PPC Ads and Display Ads

As mentioned earlier, Baidu offers both display and PPC ads to businesses looking to advertise their products or services online. Display ads involve placing image ads (banners) at relevant sites, while PPC ads appear along with search results, much like Google search.

To create an effective Baidu paid advertising campaign, it’s essential to choose the right keywords for your ad targeting and set a realistic budget that aligns with your overall marketing goals.

Additionally, creating an engaging ad copy tailored specifically for your target audience is key to driving clicks and conversions.

Baidu Brand zone and ppc branding in china
Brand zone and Baidu PPC advertising in China: Tmall

Types Of Baidu Display Ads

Baidu offers a variety of display ads to businesses looking to advertise their products or services. These ads include in-feed ads, traditional display ads, and native ads.

In-feed ads are similar to social media feeds where the ad is integrated into the content feed. Traditional display ads are banner-like images that appear at the top or side of a webpage.

Native advertising is designed to blend in with other content on a webpage by using a format that appears organic and non-intrusive.

Choosing Keywords For Ads On Baidu

One of the most critical factors in creating a successful Baidu PPC advertising campaign is selecting the right keywords. Unlike Google, Baidu requires using Chinese keywords, which could create language barriers for non-native speakers.

The key is to conduct extensive keyword research to identify the best and most relevant keywords for your target audience. Additionally, understanding how Baidu’s unique matching methods work can help optimize your campaigns further.

For instance, you can select broad match or exact match types and include negative keyword targeting to filter out irrelevant searches that are not related to your business.

Baidu advertising: keyword search

Setting A Budget For Baidu Ads

One of the most important aspects of running a successful Baidu advertising campaign is setting a budget that aligns with your business objectives. With its bidding system, you have control over how much you want to spend on advertising and can adjust your daily ad costs according to your budget.

It’s also worth noting that the cost-per-click (CPC) for keywords on Baidu tends to be lower in comparison to other platforms, making it an excellent cost-effective marketing channel for businesses looking to advertise in China.

For instance, if you’re working with a $1000 monthly advertising budget and targeting relevant keywords, you could potentially reach thousands of customers within a month while keeping costs low.

Targeting Audiences For Baidu Ads

Targeting the right audience is a key factor in achieving success with Baidu advertising. With options to target by region, demographics, interests, and more, advertisers can drill down to ensure they’re reaching their ideal customers.

For example, if you are selling a high-end product such as luxury watches in China’s major cities like Beijing or Shanghai, targeting audiences based on income levels can be very effective.

By using interest-based targeting to identify people who have shown an interest in similar products or brands such as Rolex or Omega through their online activity, you could better reach your potential customers with relevant ads that speak directly to them.

Baidu advertising: GMA case study

Creating Ad Groups

Creating ad groups is an important step in targeting different customer groups for Baidu PPC advertising campaigns. With Baidu allowing up to 100 ad groups for a single campaign, advertisers have more flexibility and control over their ads’ performance metrics.

As an example, creating separate ad groups based on location or demographic factors allows businesses to target specific audiences effectively.

Overall, creating specific ad groups enables businesses to reach their desired customers more efficiently compared to using broad-based approaches that may generate irrelevant traffic or poor conversion rates.

Writing Ad Copy

When writing ad copy for Baidu display and PPC ads, it’s crucial to follow their specific guidelines such as keeping text within a certain number of characters and including necessary information like pricing or promotions.

For example, when promoting a new line of skin care products in China through Baidu advertising, we conducted thorough keyword research and found that phrases like “clear skin” and “brighten complexion” were popular search terms among our target demographic.

We crafted an attention-grabbing headline that included these keywords along with a clear call-to-action in the body text urging individuals to try the product for themselves.

Baidu advertising: example

Launching And Monitoring Baidu Ads

Setting up a Baidu advertising campaign requires attention to detail and continuous monitoring. After creating an account, selecting keywords, and writing ad copy, it’s important to set bid prices for each keyword.

This determines how much the advertiser will pay when a user clicks on their ad. Launching ads is just the beginning; monitoring them frequently helps optimize campaigns for better results over time.

Using Baidu Analytics can provide valuable insights into user behavior, such as what search terms trigger ads and where users are located geographically.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that competition among businesses targeting similar keywords can drive up costs per click (CPCs). Therefore, tracking performance metrics like click-through rates (CTRs) and conversion rates can help determine if adjustments need to be made within campaigns or if new ones should be created altogether.

Baidu SEO

Learn how to optimize your website content and build backlinks for better results on Baidu ads with our comprehensive guide on Baidu SEO.

Overview Of Baidu SEO And Why It’s Important For Better Results On Baidu Ads

As mentioned earlier, Baidu SEO is crucial for businesses looking to achieve better results on Baidu ads. With Baidu holding roughly 70% of the Chinese search market, optimizing your website for Baidu’s algorithm can significantly improve your visibility and ultimately drive more traffic to your site.

One unique challenge with Baidu SEO is the need for a strong backlinking strategy. Building relevant and quality links from other reputable websites within China can boost your website’s domain authority, which is a major factor in how well you rank on Baidu.

Baidu advertising: Baidu SEO

Understanding Baidu’s Search Algorithm

As an SEO specialist, understanding the intricacies of Baidu’s search algorithm is key to achieving higher rankings for your website. Similar to Google, Baidu prioritizes relevant keywords and quality content in its search results.

However, Baidu also places an emphasis on precise language and prefers simplified characters over traditional ones.

In addition, meta tags such as keywords and descriptions may also be used as a ranking signal in Baidu’s algorithm. This means that optimizing these elements can have a significant impact on your website’s visibility in Baidu’s organic search results.

Optimizing Website Content For Baidu SEO

One effective strategy is to focus on creating high-quality, informative content that provides added value for users.

It is also crucial to adapt strategies based on Baidu’s search algorithms, which prioritize factors such as local relevance and user engagement. For instance, backlinks from authoritative Chinese websites can help boost rankings in the Baidu search results.


Building Backlinks For Baidu SEO

When it comes to Baidu SEO, link building plays a significant role in boosting website ranking on the search engine. However, unlike Google which prioritizes high-quality backlinks, Baidu focuses more on the number of links from Chinese websites and internal linking to other pages within your site.

One way to start building backlinks for Baidu is by identifying trustworthy Chinese web directories or forums related to your industry and submitting your website for listing or posting relevant content with a hyperlink back to your site.

Building relationships with influential bloggers or influencers in China can also help you gain quality links and promote brand awareness. Additionally, optimizing meta keywords and descriptions while creating valuable content can attract organic links from users searching for similar information online.

Advertise on Baidu with Baidu Analytics

As a part of Baidu’s suite of online marketing services, Baidu Analytics (also known as Baidu Tongji) is a powerful web analytics tool that can provide businesses with in-depth insights into their website traffic data. It can be compared to Google Analytics, but optimized for the Chinese search engine.

By using its free tracking pixel, marketers can view ad impressions, market share, and cost data associated with paid advertising and SEM campaigns.

Setting Up Baidu Analytics

To set up Baidu Analytics, one needs to first create a Baidu account and verify it before adding their website URL into the platform’s settings section.

Once this step has been completed successfully, users should install the provided code snippet onto their website header or footer so that pageviews can be tracked accurately.

Once installed correctly on your site; this tool can provide invaluable insights into your digital marketing efforts in China.

Baidu advertising: Baidu Analytics

Using Baidu Analytics To Optimize Campaigns

Baidu Analytics is a powerful tool for optimizing campaigns associated with Baidu advertising. It offers insights into ad impressions, cost data, and performance tracking, which are particularly useful for marketers who use paid advertising and SEM.

With the help of Baidu Analytics, businesses can analyze the keywords that bring traffic to their website and adjust their Baidu SEO/PPC keywords for optimization.

Additionally, this free tracking pixel tool collects accurate analytics from web traffic and provides detailed performance-tracking features that allow businesses to measure the effectiveness of their ads.

We Are Your Baidu Agency in China!

In conclusion, Baidu advertising offers businesses selling products in China a unique opportunity to target their desired audience effectively, and with the right strategies such as display and PPC ads, SEO optimization, and analytics monitoring, success can be achieved.

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