10 Things Marketers Need to Know to master SEO on Baidu

10 Things Marketers Need to Know to master SEO on Baidu

If you want your targets to come to you in China, you need to be available on Baidu, and to be well referenced (thus have a good SEO), otherwise your strategy will be doomed to failure. Here are 10 things marketers should know to be well referenced on Baidu.

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Onsite: it’s not one-time shot

First, it seems clear that if you are targeting the Chinese market, you must have a Chinese page, otherwise you’ll miss many opportunities. Once you have your website in Chinese, you need to optimize it.

To do this, your web pages must be organized. You must submit apparent titles and have a high quality content. Therefore, post a correct amount of content, as if you were a real media.

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Update your information

Having good content is a good start. But do not forget that in China things are moving at a breakneck speed. Thus, you must ensure that your information is consistent with the current market. For example, if a new deal has just emerged, and one of your articles is outdated, you can make a similar article and modify this new information. This will have a multiple effect: your information will remain true, your site will retain its trust rank and your SEO will probably also improve.

Capture d’écran 2016-04-15 à 16.00.05

Make partnerships

To get a better ranking, there is a simple and effective solution. Make partnerships with sites that have the same interests as you. With them, you can create backlinks linking to these quality partners. The principle of this type of partnership is that this action is reciprocal, it will allow your site to get quality backlinks from other sites. Which inevitably will make a positive impact on your SEO on Baidu.


Get press releases

You can also make good press releases to increase the ranking of your site, while improving your confidence index from Baidu. Indeed, when these releases come from websites that already have an optimum trust-level, this will have a positive effect on you. This will generate more visits to your site, more leads, …


Work on your trust-rank

To further increase your confidence index and have a better optimization, Baidu provides different verification levels: V1, V2, V3. V1 being the equivalent of the beginner level, and the V3 being the expert level. Before clicking on a URL, users often look at this information to ensure the reliability of the site. It is a very good idea to get these different levels of verification. This will increase a lot your trust-rank and your leads.

Here is a V1 example with Aeroflot Airlines.

aeroflot v1

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Backlinks Campaign

To do a good SEO campaign on Baidu, a very effective solution lies in having a good number of quality backlinks referring to your home page. This will make you climb positions in the research results very quickly. The backlinks are a major element of a good SEO campaign.

How to be a SEO Champion of Baidu?

SEO company China

Optimum User Experience, especially on mobile devices

A good SEO campaign is more successful if your website has an optimal User Experience. Your website must be comfortable to handle, its design should be nice and the pages’ loading should have an acceptable rate in China. This is often a major concern in the Middle Kingdom. To avoid this, it is appropriate to host your website in China and have a URL ending with”.cn”.

Moreover, Chinese users being addicted to their smartphones, if you have a mobile version of your site, you can easily capture these users who are legion across the country.

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Multiply the number of pages

Another tip for a successful SEO campaign is to increase the number of pages on your website. Because Baidu takes into account the time spent on a site in its calculations to assess the reliability of a site. Do not hesitate to multiply the number of pages to see your SEO progress.

SEO sum up

Being on the Baidu products

It is also very interesting to be present on the sites closely linked to Baidu. Indeed, they usually appear in the top results of your research because they are affiliated with Baidu, which sets them forward. Baidu Zhidao is a typical example. You can ask a question on this forum and answer it through someone you know or with a profile that you have previously created. By rating the answer that includes the link to your website as the most interesting, you will increase the interest given by Baidu, which will improve your SEO strategy.


Keyword studied carefully

img Chine

Finally, you need to select your keywords carefully. The more keywords you study, the easier it will be to attract people looking for information based on these keywords.

It is always better to understand Chinese if you want to do SEO on Baidu… really. 

Some basic knowledge can really help you. 


Search Engine Optimization is a long and precise task, it is a full-time job. Our SEO experts who have proven themselves many times can help you propel your website on the top of the search results on Baidu in China.


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