How to attract wealthy Chinese students

Many Chinese students think that an experience in a university or in a company abroad will be a big plus for their future professional career.


Let’s take the example of Wang who is a student from Beijing. He thinks that without an experience overseas, it could result by a big obstacle when there will come the time for him to get hired. Actually 80% of his classmates think the same and add that overseas experience enhance your opportunities with getting a good position in a big company. The Chinese society and its economy situation is putting more and more pressure on young graduates, forcing them to get higher education to get a good job in the Chinese market, which has become very competitive throughout those recent years.

The booming of Chinese students going abroad

Among the first top destination preferred by the Chinese, it is without surprise to find English speaking countries such as the USA, the UK, Canada or Australia.

chinese student abroad

It seems that every facts are going on their sides taking into account the depreciation of the EURO against the RMB which attract more and more Chinese students in Europe. Moreover different important industries like fashion in France, the mechanics industry in Germany or design development in Italy are also very attracting destination for Chinese students.

Service agencies on the internet: A growing market

With a growing need in the education industry of Chinese students who wish to go abroad, the number of agencies which will take care of all the paperwork for students are increasing on this online market. The bad side is that fake agencies have been known to scam their customers by overcharging them giving an overall bad image of those companies in that industry. It is without surprise that people are getting suspicious and we can observe that some of them prefer to ask their personal network to get any relevant information.

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Big Universities, schools and those who work in this industry has well understand the expectations of those potential customer and all have their own online services. A report from “iresearch” shows that the internet is the most popular way to get information and at least 36% of students will prefer to do some research on the web beforehand, next follows the close friends circle and the professional networking.

It is essential for an education industry company to be on the internet, an optimization on search engines is the key to be visible and let the netizen get to know your company online.

Advertisements on search engines is the way to go

There are 2 ways to promote your company on search engines: SEM and SEO


Those 2 strategies are slightly different but both can get you some result, let’s decrypt them:

  • The Search Engine Marketing will make your website appear among the first pages of the search engine. When the SEM contract with the search engine is ended, your visibility will end as well because not sponsored anymore.
  • The Search Engine Optimization would get you the same result as the SEM, but takes more time to achieve your goal, it is based on the keywords that you use in your website but on the other hand, this strategy is more reliable and stable.

Whatever your choice, you need to achieve a serious market study beforehand, choose also carefully the keywords you would use. This is the most important first step if you want to launch yourself into those strategies. Chinese use Baidu, but you already know that right ? 


How the social media are important


The young Chinese are more and more connected to the social media, and in order to get any kind of information, they would first of all try to get them online. Social media in China are so popular and as a company trying to attract Chinese students, you better be on the internet knowing that even Chinese parents now are on the web.

Chinese are super connected !




Good media posts will build you a strong e-reputation

Students who want to find information on the internet will get them on several websites, in order to get the most accurate one. Keep in mind that each social media have different way to communicate, so you need to adapt your message. For example, testimonies of alumni students could be a good lead to begin with. You need to offer something else than what your competitors, what you do has to give you an added value.

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