SEO Services for China

Our SEO Services are perfectly adapted for the Chinese Market


SEO on Baidu

Baidu SEOBaidu has between 70% of search engine market share in China. If you want to increase your visibility in China, Baidu is the number one search engine that you have to consider. The rules to get a good ranking & SEO on Baidu are different from other search engine.

We know how to appear on the 1st pages of Baidu with targeted keyword.

We mainly work on

  1. The website structure
  2. Optimisation of the content
  3. Backlinks
  4. Update


SEO on

google SEoIn China is redirected to Google Hong Kong ( The market share of Google is quite small in China but target netizens who want to have information about foreign countries or imported products.

We optimise websites for Google as well, using

  1. Website optimisation,
  2. Netlinking
  3. Link building
  4. Content management.


SEO on Sogou & Soso

sogou seoIf you work on Baidu, you also optimise your ranking for Sogou. 

We understand the main functions and differences between each Search Engine. For instance, Sogou is less focused on the Baidu websites, and more is also a search Engine used by Chinese Netizens.


Community Management for SEO

seo social chinaDue to censorship by the Chinese government, the Internet as we know it in the West and in China are completely different. Big players in the West such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can not be accessed from Mainland China. We must therefore focus on the most popular Chinese social networks. The microblogging platform, Sina Weibo undoubtedly ranks first here with its 500 million registered users. This social networks as well as many others are only available in China

Our agency propose the creation of formal verification and the design of a business account, as well as the recruitment of a community and its animation.

Press Relations

PR SEO ChinaTo promote a brand or a product it is always useful for a company to use PR (Press Relations). Our agency offers mainly Online PR, as online news portals are the most influential media in the country.

Our methodology:

  1. Establishing the position and the angle of attack
  2. Writing press releases in Mandarin
  3. Dissemination targeted at journalists
  4. Monitoring of operations

eReputation in China

eeputation seo ChinaNegative comments, misinformation and scandals are many on the Chinese Internet. A brand can easily be the victim of a bad buzz.

It is therefore necessary to respond appropriately through a campaign of e-reputation. We are committed to providing our know-how to hide the negative comments and in return offer many articles and testimonials praising your brand or your product.

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