5 mistakes you need to avoid when doing SEO on Baidu

In 2022, Baidu is still the most used search engine in China with more than 65% market share and more than 90% when it comes to mobile use.

Consequently of Baidu’s importance in the Chinese market, companies must be well ranked on the search engine.

In China there are more than 1 billion users who constantly use search engines like Baidu to get information, therefore companies that desire to succeed in China must be on Baidu.

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Baidu have some specific features you need to know. It is very easy to fall into those 5 common traps described below:

Bad title:

The title of the page or the article plays a very important role in SEO. Page title have to reflect page content, therefore it is important create appropriate title tags in order to help Baidu to identify what your contents are about. Besides, the title of the page will decide principally the keyword positioning of the page.


Title tags have the function to attract clicks and because of that, title must have keywords that users are looking for in their searches.

If you have a bad title, your page will rank bad and user won’t be able to find your website.

Loading time too high = punishment:

For Baidu SEO, the loading time is another important element. A site with a loading time too high will have a less opportunity of ranking well. The best chance to avoid a long loading is to reduce the quantity of content such as flash in the website.Why is that? They take time to load and they can not be read by Baidu. Which translate into a penalty from the Chinese Search Engine. 

loading time

Baidu links the loading time with the user experience, therefore whether the loading time is long Baidu will consider it as a poor user experience and therefore the website could be punished.

Loading time is also influenced by the number of backlink aiming at foreign hosted websites. So the more of those backlinks you have, the slower your website is going to be.

How does the loading speed influence your ranking on Baidu?

Chinese users are very impatient, much more than in the West, especially given the quality of the internet in China.So, Chinese netizens will be less likely to browse through your website if you have a long loading time.

As a consequence you will have a high bounce rate (showing the percentage of users leaving after reading only one page)

What does it mean for Baidu? If the bounce rate is high, Baidu will judge your website to be of poor quality, resulting in a penalty, to ultimately give your nice website a bad ranking.

Not enough backlinks:

Increase the amount of backlinks is one of the most essential and basic practices for Baidu optimization.

Backlinks are elements which really influence ranking because it depends of the number of backlinks that you have. Therefore more links you have, better rank you will have.


Nonetheless the content of the backlinks is also important. The content of the backlinks you use have to be related with your site and your content.

If you don’t have enough backlinks, add more because quantity matters a lot to Baidu if you want a good ranking, and you do right?

No update:

In order to have a good position on the Chinese largest search engine,it is essential provide fresh content. Baidu gives important bonus to websites with a significant number of updates.

As a consequence, websites must update frequently in order to be ranked on a competitive keyword.

No update means fewer bonuses for the website and consequently worse position on the search engine.

No clear sitemap:

Through the creation of a clear sitemap and submitting it, Baidu will be able to find all the pages of your website very easily. However, if your sitemap is unclear, or have some webpages missing you may have webpages that will not be referenced on Baidu because its crawlers were not able to find it. 

In addition, your users will not visit them either. A big problem if the concerned webpages are your flagship products page or your contact page for instance! Clarity and structure are key!


Companies which want to improve their presence in China and reach a huge number of consumers must keep in mind those advices in order to ranking well on the Chinese search engine.

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