WeChat is more than a simple Social network, it is Chinese personal life

Focus on Wechat, the number Chinese Social Media. 

By bringing together (almost) the entire user experience into one application, WeChat surpasses existing models and paves the way for an internet in which we navigate, communicate, buy, work through a kind of fluid and powerful mega portal.

The wechat user’s uses are becoming simpler, more efficient and more possibilities.

Advertisers lose direct visibility (impressions) compared to public platforms such as Facebook or Twitter but gain in privacy with the consumer and especially in commercial activation lever (transformation).

Content shared on WeChat, photos of friends or celebrities, for example, turn every conversation into a business opportunity, boosted by the fact that any individual can now open their own WeChat Shop.

All content becomes clickable and buyable, the trade becomes part of the social and becomes truly viral.

WeChat is a social trading platform, integrating: WeChat Stores for online shopping.

WeChat Pay and WeChat Wallet for payments to online providers.

It even offers professional functions such as tracking expenses.

This is the most popular mobile app in China but it is important to know that 90% of users are in China.

New feature

In April, WeChat launched a new feature called “Good Product Circle.” This is an effort to strengthen its social commerce capabilities for WeChat’s more than one billion active daily users.

What is the purpose of this feature?

“Good Product Circle” is an extension of WeChat’s “Shopping List” feature.

Released last September “Shopping List” was created to allow users to centrally manage the orders and the various Mini Stores of the WeChat program.

With the April update of the “Good Product Circle” feature, a new interactive module has been created on WeChat allowing users to recommend products, access their friends’ recommendation lists and socialize on an interface.

According to the consulting firm Kantar Group, “Good Product Circle” allows you to share different e-commerce stores with friends.

  • This process of creating demand-shopping is at the heart of the social trade trend in China. Users can now share products easier and more seamlessly and interact with friends within Good Product Circle.
  • Users can also directly access merchants to purchase products recommended by friends.
  • Chinese consumers tired of influence marketing
  • Nowadays, recommendations from friends and acquaintances have more potential in the market than influence marketing.
  • Similarly, Good Product Circle also eliminates false ads and improves the credibility of recommended products. The sum is to win more consumer confidence.

Cons of Good Product Circle

However, the main drawback is that it is very difficult to find the portal: “The portal is too hidden […] Also, no notification is given. comments a user named Hua.

Opportunity for brands and retailers

Now brands and retailers need to change their promotion strategy. They can now use word of mouth and a good promotion to encourage everyone to proactively share products in their Product Circle.

The Circle of Good Products offers another channel opportunity in social trade.

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From now on, luxury brands no longer need to base their marketing strategy solely on influencers; they can also use portals like Good Product Circle to reach out to “real consumers.”

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