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Do you want to know what you can do with WeChat Mini-Programs? Check this Full list. provide by Seo China Agency.


1) Wechat Focus

In just a few years, WeChat has become the most popular and most used app in China.

International brands now want to be able to optimize the way they reach the public through this platform.

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Until now, brands could only have an official account on the platform but since 2017 mini-programs have been put in place by them.


2) What is a weChat mini-program?

For several years now, smartphone users have not downloaded as many apps as they used to. It then became appropriate for Apple Store’s rival, Tencent, to invest in a new ecosystem of applications within its golden egg, WeChat.

A mini-program runs in WeChat and is smaller than a typical app that takes less than 10 megabytes.

Also, these mini-programs are fast and can be developed at a lower cost.

“Mini-programs won’t replace the mobile app as you know it, but they’re very effective in helping apps like games acquire new users.”


3) Launch of mini-programs on WeChat

  1. When they were launched in January 2017, the media criticism did not last long, but the changes expected on the platform were not clear at this time.
  2. From the end of 2017, mini-programs have finally started to become popular and even unavoidable.
  3. WeChat then began publishing mini-games that had become very popular. This much-loved gamification of the Chinese is a smart initiative by WeChat.

Also, with 517 million players, brands use this gamification to raise awareness and convert fans.

You should also know that the release of mini-games combined with the new app update that moved the mini-programs to a bar above the personal messages of users has made the feature much more visible and much more attractive to brands.

We can also remember that a user can launch a mini-program directly from an official account, menu or from the moment they first follow the account.

This is where the difference between a mini-program and an official account lies.

Indeed, the official account is more difficult to find: scanning the QR code, searching for the account ID in WeChat, sharing a contact card.


4) The ads of the creator of WeChat

In January 2018, during a conference in Guangzhou, Allen Zhang, the creator of WeChat made 8 major announcements on the evolution of WeChat.

Of these announcements, we remember that mini-programs will be at the center of the WeChat team this year.


5) Beneficial use of mini-programs by brands

Unlike official accounts, mini-programs allow brands to build fan loyalty. Indeed, mini-programs can be built in a personalized way to better target fans.

Specifically, mini-programs can also offer membership programs, loyalty systems, points or rewards. These new features are strategic as brand loyalty becomes increasingly difficult for consumers.

Choosing between an official account and a mini-program depends on the brand and its marketing strategy needs.


6) Mini-programs and e-commerce

Unlike official accounts, mini-programs allow few links to other platforms but allow for a seamless shopping experience in a mini-program store.



7) Mini-programs and KOLs

Previously, it was very complex for consumers to access e-commerce from WeChat. Now, buyers are more able to access the mini-programs developed by the KOLs and thus buy the products promoted by these influencers.

These mini-programs are therefore a considerable asset in the branding strategy of a company or brand.

Indeed, mini-programs are faster and take up less space than the original application. Also, the cost of creating a mini-program takes less time and money than a standard application.

Finally, it is now possible to insert hyperlinks to send followers to the e-commerce sites of influencers.

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