Top Toy & board games distributors in China

1.4 billion people, the one-child policy that has recently been removed, a growing population, rising income levels: all of these factors mean that bigger generations are coming! Toys and board games markets were already huge in China, but now their potential is bigger than ever!

What China’s toy market represents in few numbers…

  • The second-largest toy market in the world
  • Over 230 millions of kids
  • About $15 billions in 2019
  • And expected to surpass the $27 billion by 2025!
  • About 10% of market growth rate by year

Plush toys, construction toys, and puzzles are Chinese’s favorite toys, but board games, playing cards, or dolls also represent a considerable share of the market.

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What China’s board game and playing cards market represents…

  • Board games representing 2/3 of this market
  • About $580 million in 2018
  • A market expected to triple by 2025
  • About 19% of market growth rate by year!

Even though 70% of the world’s toys are exported from China, the country suffers of a bad image and consumer perception. Generally speaking, people think, consciously or not, that “MADE IN CHINA” products are necessarily poor-quality products. And even Chinese consumers think so.

That is why foreign toys have a great potential in China, by differentiating its products from the ones already existing there.

The opportunity for foreign toy and game brands is incredible in China.

Knowing that the big majority of toys and board games are sold through special toy stores, here are some of the biggest toy chain stores you can find in China:

Top toy and games distributors in China

  • Specialty toy chain stores


-Hot Toys in China


Some toy stores sometimes reach 6 floors or even more! ToysRus’ success in China is incredible: 50 new stores opened in 2019.

Hamleys is also very successful in China, owning Beijing’s biggest toy store.

  • Supermarkets, hypermarkets






  • Online stores





As you can see, there is a large choice of distribution channels in China, maybe larger than in other countries.

You can choose to be present in one or several channels depending on your marketing strategy.

Being present in specialty toy chain stores is good for your visibility in-store since customers getting in this type of store know what kind of product they will find and may pay more easily some attention to your products.

Your presence in supermarkets and hypermarkets will give you access to a larger number of potential customers. There is of course more traffic in supermarkets than in toy stores. However, people do not get into a supermarket necessarily to buy toys or board games, but some brands can sell more than in toy stores.

Finally, being in online stores is one of the most efficient ways to get high visibility to your target customer. Digital stores are like golden open doors for selling any products: hundreds of millions of daily users, ads, product descriptions, marketing strategy, …

You can boost your sales on digital platforms and set an adequate digital marketing strategy more generally on social platforms to launch and increase your sales in China.

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  1. very useful article, very good introduction of the board game market in China.
    China’s card and board games market reacg $580 million in 2018, and is projected to reach $1.6 billion by 2025… a crazy market

  2. i have a new board game and i need to know the best way forward to be able to market it in this growing market i have produced the game so is shop ready can you help

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