Full Digitalization of Beauty Business in China in 2023

In China, digitization trends have been growing exponentially for many years. Thus more and more industries do not hesitate to change and modernize their product and their service as well as their methods of communication with their users and potential customers.

  • Moreover, Chinese people are more and more in search of exclusive services, meeting their specific needs. Companies are increasingly being challenged on the world’s largest market. Hosting thousands of companies, China requires innovation for companies who want to survive in this very competitive market.
  • In China, digital innovation has invaded the lives of hundreds of millions of Chinese. And if this evolution was particularly important in industries like smartphones and apps it is also spreading on other industry like beauty for example. And the Chinese who are among the most tech-savvy users in the world enjoy these developments and are ready to adopt them.
  • Nowadays in China, more and more private entertainment booths have appeared in public spaces, including karaoke boxes that can be found in almost all the malls now. These small independent booths allow Chinese people to have a moment of their own, a little quiet, away from the crowds in which they are all day long: at work, in transport, in the street, etc.
  • Another type of cabin appeared recently in China: beauty booths, allowing women to touch up their makeup or haircut in minutes and with all the necessary equipment (makeup, hair dryer, hair straightener, skincare, etc). Payment in the cabins is made using Alipay and WeChat. One of the first booths was set up by a Beijing company “Supermakeup”.
  • To enter the cabin, you have to scan a QR code that opens either an independent application or a WeChat mini-program. Then the beauty equipment can be used directly (or after buying accessories to use them). The booth offers a vending machine where it is possible to buy make-up products and access makeup tutorials, it is also possible to buy hair accessories.

Everything is set to put the user of the booth at ease, a curtain to have more privacy, a charger for phone, a large mirror and lights and a small seat to set properly while touching the make-up up.

How Cosmetic Brands should use Digital in China in 2023?

E-Commerce is everywhere

E-Commerce is big part of the sale game in China for these last 3 years (post pandemic).

Livestreamer are way to discover new brands for Chinese consumers

Distributors are dealing mainly online in China.

From meeting, to introduction to WeChat call… everything is done online. Few online meeting in the beauty business are necessary in 2023.

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Reputation of Brands are visible Online

With a simple check on Baidu, you can see if a brand is “good” or bad  or a ghost brand

Have a look on this amazing Report.

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