How RED become the hottest social media for Travel in China

in China RED = Lifestyle.

It is a “lady” social Media and now a popular trendy destination platform.

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Most people have heard of “xiaohongshu” or “Little Red Book” and “RED.” No matter what term is used, in Chinese or English, they all refer to the same social media – Xiaohongshu

It was a niche Social media for lady a few years back, but it has grown to be a major social platform in China’s digital ecosystem. This has helped build the reputation of both brands and individuals in China like instagram and now it is the Hottest Social media in China that influence Travel.

Xiaohongshu is a great social media platform if you consider the accessibility and use of these media.

Xiaohongshu’s success can be attributed to the ratio of ladies inside that communicate and read about Lifestyle.

Lifestyle is EVERYTHING now in China

  • Cosmetics
  • Sport, wellbeing
  • Fashion
  • And travel

I have believed Xiaohongshu for a long time that it was another social media. It’s the only and final media you should focus on if your brand is a luxury or fashion brand . In 2021 and H1 2022, it made sense to stick with WeChat or Weibo. But not in 2023. These are the three opportunities that RED offers me every day.

The Open Door between China and the West

When talking with Marketing Directors, I find that the best comparison for Xiaohongshu to Instagram is a combination of Pinterest. This social media platform is all about luxury, fashion , wellbeing, travel :: the lifestyle.

Xiaohongshu’s main users are still Chinese. The app was only available in Chinese, and not English, so the social media failed to turn the tide. This social media site is only accessible in Chinese by a few Westerners, but not those who can speak at least a little bit of Chinese. The striking feature of Xiaohongshu is the way it covers the app and engages with the Chinese diaspora.

In total, 140,000 brands joined Little Red Book.

More than 44% are oversea brands.

It is also an e-Commerce platform

What really work on Red?

Key Oppinion Consumers (KOCs), Aka Users Testimonials

Little Red Book’s first version was known as “Little Red Book Shopping Guide”. It was named after the high-quality instructions given by luxury and fashion shoppers, starting with the best user tips and ending with the complete consumer testimonials.

  • What is the best way to get a tax refund for purchases in Europe?
  • Which luxury bag is best to buy
  • What skin care brand is best?
  • What Store should I visit during my Trip to Singapore?

These are the key questions that led to Xiaohongshu. These are the main reasons why people spend time on social media to interact with and browse interesting content.

KOCs are, in other words, inherited directly from Little Red Book. It lends legitimacy and trust to small influencers as well as regular users’ testimonials. Most Chinese customers don’t bother to check KOLs collaborations anymore, as they know that they are being paid. KOCs content will be preferred by them as it is more natural and organic.

Little Red Book: Retai Travel for Brands

Recognizing the potential of Little Red Book’s platform, it was natural to create an official account and open a store. Little Red Book, a social commerce platform that offers cross-border ecommerce (CBEC) and social media content, is true. Many fashion and luxury brands jumped at the RED sales opportunity.

To unlock new sales channels in China, social commerce is always a good idea.

The platform’s warehouse and logistics can be used to your advantage without requiring a Chinese business license or entity. It is not a way to make a lot of money in China.

This app is for CEOs, retail directors, and marketing directors. Download it now. You can take a break while you sip your coffee, and enjoy trend monitoring for approximately 5 minutes per day.

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You can browse your feed to see the trends and get a better understanding of the local reality. This will allow you to build a stronger connection with your Chinese audience, understand their local reality and not offer irrelevant campaigns.

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