LittleRedBook (XiaohongShu) the new E-Commerce Way in China

Wanna learn how to Sell on the LittleRedBook (Xiaohongshu)? You are at the right place! Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu in Chinese) is a shopping app for overseas products. It’s not only a social media platform but a cross-border e-commerce site, where users can “safely” share their shopping experience. Weibo is very public, and sometimes sharing things and buying intentions will be perceived as showing off. However, Little Red Book is the whole point to share what you bought as everyone is on the app to share and learn from each other.

Taobao integrates little Red Book Comments

On June 6, 2017, the 66th anniversary, over 100 million products were sold on the platform in just two hours, skyrocketing its ranking on the Apple App store to number one in the shopping category.

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“When I was studying abroad, I witnessed the madness of my compatriots’ overseas shopping,” – said Charwlin Mao, the CEO of Xiaohongshu. “However, many people don’t completely understand what they are buying, and they don’t know where it is better to buy it as well as how to get a refund. So, at the earliest, we wanted to create a shopping app to serve the group of people who would travel abroad and have overseas shopping requirements.”

Unlike many other e-commerce platforms, Little Red Book relies on its community and social media functions, allowing customers to interact both with sellers and other customers. On November 27th, Taobao started integrating with Xiaohongshu on its product description page. Earlier in May 2018, Alibaba led the USD$ 300 million funding round of Xiaohongshu.

Taobao and Xiaohongshu First Product  

The “Mega-Mushroom treatment lotion” from Origin was one of the first products to benefit from the Xiaohongshu and Taobao integration. Right before the product description section, a new section called Good goods comment (好物点评团) leads users directly to Xiaohongshu’s user-generated content.

So, it allows Taobao users to like, comment, and bookmark the Xiaohongshu content, directly from the Taobao app.

Marketing Campaigns

Social influence is based on interactions. Therefore, it is recommended to choose KOLs with the right combination of interactions and following to benefit from reviews. (see Quora)

Taobao is trying to import content from the top content brands of Wechat, such as Yitiao and Bazaar.


Lady Penguin, a wine retail brand started by a KOL on Wechat, Shenhan, joined Taobao last year and is already one of the best-selling wine distributors with 32k fans on Taobao and 21 million followers on Douyin. She posted content on both WeChat and Taobao.

On WeChat, the content is more tutorial normally demonstrating infographics and scientific explanations of a specific learning point related to wine. While on Taobao, Lady Penguin’s posts are short videos with a link to purchase the wine.

Xiaohongshu could be the decision to avoid fake comments and reviews and bring high-quality content to Taobao. Importing trustworthy KOL content could help to add more credibility and increase conversion, in the e-commerce industry.

It is a new way to sell in China, ( see all other ads solutions. )

LittleRedBook (Xiaohongshu) The Social Media Channel to Sell in China

Little Red Book is a different social media channel in the sense that it’s only focused on product reviews. This means their users are purchase-oriented and more likely to convert to buying customers. By concentrating on the sharing function of the community, it is all about finding good things around the world to meet consumers’ growing needs.

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Taobao and Xiaohongshu integration is an essential tool for bringing a social component to Alibaba’s arsenal.

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