How Can a Mascot Help with Brand Building in China?

When it comes to brand building in China, there are a few things that businesses need to take into account. One of those is the importance of mascots and their role in engaging with consumers. A good mascot can be extremely helpful in boosting brand awareness and creating a connection with buyers.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the Dwen Dwen case study to see how a mascot can help with brand building in China.

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Why Brands can Benefit From having a mascot

The famous Colonel Sanders, Ronald McDonald the clown from McDonald’s or even Quaker Man of Quaker Oats are all as unforgettable to us than their respective brands themselves. That’s because a well-designed mascot can help your business reach new heights and make it instantly recognizable too -just like a great name! The use of these creatures in marketing has been around for some time now – they’re just good old fashioned advertising at its finest

When brands use mascots or special characters in their campaigns, they observe nearly 41% increase of profits. One main reason for this improvement is that the emotional connection made with consumers via these methods leads them to buy more product because it feels like an easier decision when your favorite character tells you how great something smells!

Mascots are common in China, where they serve many purposes and not limited to targetting childrens! Some companies use them to distinguish themselves from competitors and convey their brand personality; but the key difference between Western brands like Nike or Coca-Cola is how much more ubiquitous these symbols are than logos here!

Here are why mascots are great to promote your brand:

  • Mascots are great for conveying the type of service you offer without using words. When your audience builds rapport with them, it shows in how much business grows! If a mascot gains traction then they become an asset that can be incorporated into marketing campaigns – which means more people will know about what kind’a awesome company
  • Using a mascot for your brand will give you an edge in this ever-growing industry. Imagine there are five different private English schools in the city, and one of them has cute little animals next to their names on all kinds of materials–from brochures advertising services offered at that school or even posters across town begging people not get distracted while walking around during lunchtime hours! You might be able recall what kind it was because they were so unique among others; but not only does integrating have helped them stand out more than any other business could hope too (literally), research shows employees feel better about themselves when managers use HR strategies such as branding strategyks
  • In the modern world, there’s no better way to be iconic than by having a mascot. Mascots make your brand timeless and create an impact on people of all ages – some brands that have been forgotten would still exist if they didn’t have their memorable mascots!

How do you create a mascot that resonates with Chinese consumers?

There are a few things to consider when choosing a brand mascot for the Chinese market. First, it’s important to choose a mascot that is culturally relevant and resonates with Chinese consumers. Second, the mascot should be easy to recognize and iconic. And finally, the mascot should be able to convey the brand’s values and messaging in an engaging and memorable way.

There are a few things that are redundant with Chinese brand’s mascots:

  • They are often seen as a representation of good luck and fortune.
  • They are seen as friendly and approachable, which is why you often see them used in advertising campaigns.
  • Cute Animal: animals are often used in china for mascots. Tmall has a cat (tian mao mean sky cat), Jingdong has a dog, QQ has a pinguin. Kaola has a koala. They all are represented with big cutesy big eyes.
  • Simple design: take the Tmall Cat or JD dog for instance. They have a pretty symple design that allows them to be integrated easily in the groups logo and and campaign advertising.

Mascots Case Study: Bing Dwen Dwen & its massive success

You might have seen Bing dwendwen, the Beijing Winter Olympics mascot. He’s a panda wearing an icy body shell and he has gone viral in China since Friday night when they opened with these guys!

The word “bing” has several meanings in Mandarin Chinese. The most common meaning is ice, though it also symbolizes purity and strength as well to represent children who are robust like an athlete or financial investor; while “dwen dwee” means lively with spirit representing youthfulness.

The cute and cuddly Bing Wenwen is a massive success online, with the mascot-themed items having sold out immediately since their release on Tmall and’s official Olympics flagship stores! offline she has 900 foot lines moving slowly in front of Wangfujing pedestrian street’s licensed store where people wait four or five hours just for panda souvenirs while also generating over 2 billion views using hashtag #BingDwensdwo which gained popularity across social media platforms like Weibo – China’s version Twitter–as well as 20 related trending hashtags throughout all corners globally due to this adorable trend that will never go unnoticed again

The panda’s popularity is a result of China’s méng culture —a term for the local preference towards handmade goods and things with personality. Online netizens shared that Bing Dwen Dene’ lovely aspect was what made them buy from this brand in particular, noting its cuteness as an important factor when marketing products locally.”

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