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This year Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Los Vegas from 5th to 8th January. 3800 industries attended the show and more than 1500 of them were Chinese industries. So more than 42% of exhibitors were Chinese which clearly shows the dominance of Chinese designs in this market. Lots of US analysts appreciated the designs of Chinese industries and shows their interest in these industries. One of these analysts, James Feldkamp, even said: “We are excited to see more Chinese tech firms out there and see what they brought to the show.”.ces

Since the event was hosted by Chinese consulate in Las Vegas, therefore, Chinese consul general Luo Linquan was also there and according to him, this event is a great showcase for the China and US corporation. The participation of Chinese industries is expected to grow in future and next time Chinese companies will account for more than 50% companies. He was very happy about the arrangements as every company got nice space to exhibit their products. Guest were entertained appropriately which is very crucial for the success of any event. Several analysts, users, industrialists, entrepreneurs and businessmen came to watch this exhibition and lots of them expressed their interest to enter this market.

ces 1More than 1500 Chinese tech corporations took part in CES.

“Chinese companies are defining the future of consumer electronics”

As usual, Alibaba also had its representation there. Qian Yi was representing Alibaba for the tenth time in this annual event and he said that the quantity of Chinese companies is not the only thing which is increasing in this event but also the quality of their products is also increasing every year. He acknowledged that the presentation of Chinese companies was not very not very impressive but now things have improved a lot. Lots of Chinese companies including LeEco, Changhing, Huawei, DJI, and TCL got bigger booths at premium locations. Consumer Technology Association’s chief economist, Shawn Dubravac was also there and he said that Chinese companies are defining the future of consumer electronics as they are coming up with the advanced technologies like 5G startups.

Chinese Company Launched Their New Products in CES

Hisense, TCL, and Haier are launching great smart home devices. Haier presented its U+ system in this exhibition which is one of the most advanced smart home product. The general manager of Haier, Wayne Davis said that the company bought GE Appliances of the USA in 2016 and it has launched its suite in the USA in last months of 2016 and the company is thinking about expanding its brand all over the USA. He also said that users want to connect all of their electronic devices in one way of another and Haier are ready to provide this facility to them.

TCL and Hisense also made few announcements about new lines of their smart televisions. These two companies also showed their ambitions about adding the ability of their smart devices to connect with other electronic devices in their home. TCL is also trying to make its Televisions stylish and thin. Their new TVs are about 6.9 and 709 mm thick only.

Ranjit Gopi of TCL is managing marketing campaign of TCL in the USA and he clearly stated that the company is going to focus of their TVs and they will redefine this market in the USA. Hisense is not going to stay behind and they are going to launch 100-inch TV in 2017. The price of this TV will be about 13000 USD and users will be able to run the internet on a web browser in this TV. It means this TV will be able to watch the online video which will change the perspective of users about TV.

“Phones Should not be Only Smart but They Also be Intelligent”

The market of cell phones is also going to be developed in 2017. CEO of Huawei, Richard Yu, said that phones should not be only smart but they also be intelligent. It means cell phones should be smart physically but the operating system in them should be intelligent and it can be achieved by adding artificial intelligence capabilities in it. Xiaomi attended this event for the first time and the company focused on the TV market. Representation of this company said that their new TV will be able to suggest programs to users by monitoring his usage behavior.

This move of Xiaomi was very aggressive and very uncalled for. This company is competing with a huge companies and it is nice for the market because new companies are also making strides. This event clearly indicated that the focus of the majority of big companies was on TVs and consumers of North America was not happy about the smart mobile market because a very limited number of smart mobiles are going to launch in upcoming months. Overall, this event was very successful and next event will be more successful meanwhile these companies will do new experiments and next year users will be able to see new innovative products.

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