The Business Women in China are Powerful

The Business Women in China are Powerful

70% of Entrepreneurs in China are Female. China is an exception in the world for the power of its Ladies in the business. The Top Business Lady is Zhangxin, the co-Founder of Soho. source

The Chinese Business Club honor ladies

The Chinese Business Club is a lobbying and business matching platform in Paris, an opportunity to bring together French and Chinese politicians, diplomats, investors, executives, and business leaders.
In 2016 during women’s party, one of the stars of French television was invited: Sophie Marceau as “Guest star” of this international day. But she was not so mad about the Chinese! But she would have been if she were a stylist or model maker to wear a set of shoes or a pair of shoes at 750 euros, enough to see all the Chinese women dressed in this way and partly to realize the dream of looking like an icon …

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This year, 2023, Virginie Ledoyen will be the special guest for the special Women’s day special at the Chinese Business Club. She will receive the special prize of “Woman of the year”.

Thanks to Chinese communism, women in China have the same rights as men.

By this, we mean the right to be independent of work but above all the right to be feminine and to stand out.
The dream to dress like a model or to please and appreciate the fact that they are women, but also the dream of Cinderella who is to marry a rich man. It is always as difficult to talk about the subject of Chinese women as they are different from each other in terms of style or lifestyle.

What differentiates the peasant woman who draws water from the well that has remained in the country very dependent on her family and her children, the rural one, worker motivated by becoming financially independent or the young student at the big university of the city … Did I miss one? Oh, how can I forget the Chinese Businesswoman who runs a business center and does not have enough time to take care of her children! So many social differences but also geographical.

A woman by social pressure on one side and the traditions of another …

Being a woman in the Middle Kingdom can do this in many facets, facets that show the country’s contradictions :

The countryside woman works day and night to grow her daughter and then marries her to a man just for getting money! Poverty is one of such reasons … Or even be lucky and work as much as a housekeeper in a family in town, so we will call it “Ayi”.

Another facet is the  Nanjing student, the capital of Jiangsu, 9 million people, night-life and cafes open until late hours. A girl motivated by her parents to be the first of her class in Shanghai university, who will meet a man will be pregnant once a child she will have to raise, then take care of her parents but also of her parents-in-law. With the one-child policy we end up with an old population exceeding the young, couples are not so excited about having a second child … Even if nowadays the Chinese government allows it!

The other end of the scale offers us another set: Zhang Xin, the president of the real estate group Soho, and included in “Women’s Forums” a figure that shows you behind the scenes and lets you think their equality between men and women in China. Living in a country as paternalistic and traditionalist as China, a country where Chinese men continue to have mistresses under their wings.

For a Chinese woman, having a child is enough!
The generation, which is between 15 and 59 years old wish is known to be able to work in China, is estimated at 700 million people, and this figure tends to rise to 950 million in 2050. Yes, I think it’s going to be enough … The peak of population in China will be reached around 2030 and will logically decline thereafter.

Millennials and Xennials: A hope for a better future

If a woman agrees to work and do her job well and to do as much as her boss asks, she can have her share of equality with men. Besides, the Chinese are known to be hard workers! We can see that once when we take a look at any of Nanjing’s universities: even after the end of classes, the workrooms and libraries are still full of students.

The 20-25 age group cares about the future of their country, it is even capable of bringing about change by opening up more to the world, and by having an increasingly powerful which will certainly give some positive results in years to come.


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