Confectionery Distributors in China

The confectionery market in China is receiving more investment and more foreign brands are entering the market. Are you looking for Confectionery Distributors in China to expand your business ?

We can provide you with a list of stores, shopping malls, and Chinese suppliers, and assist you in contacting them. You must first determine where you want to develop. The confectionery sector covers the retail sale of chocolate, gum, and sugar-based sweet treat items.

Cost-Effective Agency

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List of Confectionery Distributors in China

  1. Beijing Yizhuang Confectionery Distribution Co. Ltd.
  2. Guangzhou Zhenwei Confectionery Distribution Co. Ltd.
  3. Shenzhen Jindiweiye Confectionery Distribution Co. Ltd.
  4. Wuhan Meiji Confectionery Distribution Co. Ltd.
  5. Changsha Yuelu Mountain Confectionery Distribution Co. Ltd.
  6. Nanjing Central Confectionery Distribution Co. Ltd.
  7. Hangzhou Jianggan District Confectionery Distribution Co. Ltd.
  8. Hefei Baohe District Confectionery Distribution Co. Ltd.
  9. Fuzhou Gulou District Confectionery Distribution Co. Ltd.
  10. Xiamen Huli District Confectionery Distribution Co. Ltd.

Meeting Distributors & Resellers on Trade shows or Wholesale markets

You know that going to Chinese trade shows and markets can help you find confectionary distributors in China for your products. These events are great opportunities to show off your wares and talk to possible business partners, but is it realistic for you to attend them alone?

The answer is NO.

You need a reliable local partner in China to help you with on-site interpretation, product demonstration as well as developing relationship with Chinese distributors.

You should also be aware that when meeting Chinese distributors at these trade shows, they will not place orders on the spot. Chinese businesses operate very differently from their western counterparts and building trust is crucial in doing business with Chinese companies. Therefore, it is important to have a Chinese partner who can help you follow up after the trade show and continue developing the relationship with potential Chinese distributors.

Our Shanghai based Distributor / Agent can help you.

We are a China-based Distributor /Agent of Confectionery Products. We work with companies to establish distribution and develop their business. There are endless Confectionary distributors in China, but we have the connections and resources to connect you with the best ones for your products.

We can assist you in connecting with confectionery distributors in China who wish to collaborate with new enterprises, and we will walk you through the process of developing a distribution plan that works for your goals both as a brand and as a company.

Confectionery Distributors in China

How to achieve Connection and Effective Communication in China?

It is not as easy as you think. Chinese resellers and vendors are wary of dealing with unknown small companies in China. To persuade them to collaborate with you, you must first establish your e-reputation in China. If you want to succeed, there are many procedures to follow.

Are you confident in your ability to communicate effectively with potential distributors? If not, we recommend working with a partner or agency. When it comes to communicating with Chinese distributors and building relationships of trust, there is no room for error. Mistakes can easily ruin your reputation in China, which will make it impossible to find trustworthy partners moving forward.

We help you Localize your Brand to stand out for the Confectionery Distributors in China


It’s tough enough to write a compelling copy in your native language, but it becomes even more challenging when you have to do it in a second language for an unfamiliar culture. We’re the agency for you if you want to target a specific market or audience. Our team knows the topic, culture, language, and customs inside out. Let us help you find your voice and communicate your values.

Be Visible Baidu (Chinese google)

Language is a huge obstacle on your way and it discourages a lot of businesses. but without SEO you have no exposure nor credibility. Our team of specialists can assist you to rank high on Baidu. you can increase your visitors with correct keyword research to press releases and backlinking.

Your Chinese Website

When developing a website for a Chinese audience you have to understand that things are likely to be very different from what you’re used to.   Think mobile and tailor your  site. according to this unique target of customers. Discover more by contacting us or read our blogs; we have created thousands of websites and we can create your tailored website for you.

Pitch Confectionery Distributors in China

With translators on your team that are knowledgeable in Chinese culture it is possible to create tons of good quality content. However, merely translating your existing material into Chinese is not a good idea. Keep in mind that when producing content for other regions, you must always write for a specific audience in mind, therefore the material you wrote for other markets may not appeal to targeted Chinese consumers.

Need a partner?

GMA has many years of experience in the Chinese market, and we can help you with a variety of services. We know the secrets to success in this market. Partner with us to achieve your goals.

You don’t need brick-and-mortar shops all over China to sell your goods. The popularity of e-commerce platforms and electronic payment has surpassed that of traditional shopping methods.

Contact us today to learn more about our extensive list of services. All over China, we have developed relationships with resellers, wholesalers, and online retailers. We can be your bridge to Confectionery Distributors in China.

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