GrandPa Cui, a new generation of Supermarket in China

Pioneer of Online Exclusive Pre-made Food Supermarkets, the GrandPa Cui is becoming the leader in China in this specific read made meals.

Online Pre-made Food Market Expands with E-commerce as the Growth Driver

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In recent times, pre-made foods have gained momentum. Their attributes of no washing, cutting, or seasoning align with modern consumers’ preferences for quick, nutritious, and delicious meals. This has set the stage for a growth spurt in the consumer (C-end) pre-made food market. iiMedia Research analysts highlight that the range of pre-made foods on e-commerce platforms is continually expanding, instilling online purchasing habits in consumers. With the surge in e-commerce and advancements in the logistics and delivery ecosystem, pre-made food distribution has expanded, improving delivery efficiency and ensuring food safety, thus creating favorable conditions for industry growth.

Online pre-made food market in China

Online pre-made food supermarkets operate on platforms such as apps or mini-programs, catering to C-end consumers by offering a diverse range of brands and categories of pre-made foods for online purchase and delivery. Established in 2022, Cui Shugong Pre-made Food (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd pioneered the first online supermarket of its kind, providing preservative-free, “5D standard” pre-made food via their mini-program “Cui Shugong Pre-made Food Supermarket+”.

Based on industry research comparisons, iiMedia Research confirmed Cui Shugong’s title as the “Pioneer of Online Exclusive Pre-made Food Supermarkets.”

iiMedia Research focuses on new technologies, consumption, and business models. Operating with a dual engine of “big data mining + research analysis,” it centers around market positioning, consumer behavior, and business trends, serving clients throughout their growth cycle. Their subsidiary, iiMedia Ranking, is an evaluation agency for new consumer brands in China, providing objective brand information and shopping guides based on the iiMeval big data evaluation model.

Revenue in the pre made Meals market amounts to US$134bn in 2023. The market is expected to grow annually by 9.2% source

GrandPa Cui Sets the Trend with Online Pre-made Food Supermarkets

Research indicates that Cui Shugong, established in 2022, carved a niche by launching the first-ever online pre-made food supermarket via their “Cui Shugong Pre-made Food Supermarket+” mini-program. They uphold a commitment to six principles and the “5D” local specialty food standards, emphasizing values of safety, time-efficiency, and taste. Their strategy, symbolized by “linking rural revitalization on one end and connecting thousands of households on the other,” positions them to capture a significant share of China’s booming pre-made food market.

Their “5D” local specialty food standard includes:

  1. Insist on local county-level production
  2. Use local spring water
  3. Employ local professional chefs
  4. Retain local traditional delicacies
  5. Ensure 90% of main ingredients are locally grown/raised.

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