The “Rooster” Luxury Market In China


The market if luxury items are all times peak right now but in China, no one can predict the decline of any market. It is also a well-known fact that Chinese people love their tradition and they tend to show it through their lifestyle. So, this is the year of Rooster as per Chinese Zodiac Calendar and there will lots of luxury products with the Rooster symbol. Now the big question is whether these Roostered luxury products will get popularity or not. Yes, these products can get success if a rooster luxury product fulfills possess following attributes.

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It Must Be Sophisticated and Authentic奢侈品

Chinese people don’t buy those traditional products which look cheap and they are certainly not going to spend few hundred bucks on this type of luxury item. So, it is not enough to have a rooster printed on a shirt or pillow case and expect people to buy just because of their love for their tradition. Brands must come up with sophisticated designs which truly represent the culture and tradition of China. A minor mistake in the design can lead to huge controversy and brand can lose its reputation.

Mr Bags in China

Recently Mr. Bags, a famous brand of bags in China, launched its new bag with the picture of phoenix. Actually, they wanted to display a rooster on the bag to increase their sales on the eve of New Year. Designers of Mr. Bags may don’t know the difference in a phoenix and rooster but an ordinary Chinese knows it very well. This strategy of Me bags hit the brand back and it had to face serious criticism from their consumers and other professional designers in the market. It is clear that if you want to cash the traditions of china then you have to be authentic and somewhat sophisticated.

It must Be Publically Acceptable


Yes, culture holds great value in china but it does not mean everything associated with Chinese tradition will get the positive remark. China is developing very quickly and Chinese people especially youngsters are embracing technology and modern lifestyle. Chinese girls don’t want to those traditional women who love to wear hectic and heavy clothes with an enormous hat. Companies have to distinguish between the domestic culture and public culture. The public culture in china is little bit Westernized. They don’t like to use too much embroidery while doing in the business meeting.

Some companies made a similar effort and launched a hand-netted bag with embroidered rooster. They thought that this product will get success because it is traditional looking and hit the sweet spot of Chinese but this bag is getting lots of negative comments. First of all, these bags are used in public places and people don’t want to be looked extra traditional while going to schools, offices, and other public places. They can sue this kind of stuff in close gatherings but to get the huge number of sales you have to make those luxury products which people can use comfortably in all places.

It Should Be Inimitable

When it comes to brand counterfeiting then no one can beat local Chinese companies because they can make the duplicate of literally all kinds of products. People distinguish real from the fake by judging the quality of the product. Duplicate products usually possess very low quality and seem cheap.



There are some products which can be counterfeited easily and high-end users don’t buy this kind of product because they know that small company will easily make the cheap copy and after few days everyone will be using the same kind of product. read more about this 

Recently Calvin Klein introduced some garments which a rooster symbol. The printing and the style of rooster symbol were not very elegant. It seems like a duplicate product, therefore, it got negative reviews and failed to get success. Similarly, a t-shirt of a four different rooster got immense popularity in online stores but the original brand was unable to get benefit from it because the product was good but easily imitable. So, your luxury product should be inimitable otherwise, people are not going to buy them.   When it comes to fashion clothing then companies should be extra vigilant about this face because it is relatively easy to make a copy and no one can do much about it.


If a product rooster symbol has all these properties than it is going to be popular all over the country. The main issue is to develop such product and it can only be done with the help of some local experts. All big corporation include local experts in their R&D team to stay at the safe side while making efforts to penetrate deep in the Chinese market.

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