Marketing Escape? Baidu goes high tech

You should know by now that Google isn’t the number 1 search engine in China, the pole position is held by the internet giant Baidu. And today, this one decided to conquer the high-tech world.


Baidu & the German auto giants

Last month, the Wall Street Journal announced that the three German auto giants, BMW, Audi and Daimler decided to collaborate with the Chinese internet services “Baidu” against the US search engine giant Google. Indeed, they chose to unite in order to purchase Nokia’s Here maps service. This unexpected union has been decided with the view to prevent Google, Apple and Facebook to control one of the most useful navigation services technology. But why Baidu ? Just because Baidu is currently developing a high definition map of China. Hence, China is the first worldwide automobile market and Google is not allowed to map this country. Thus, thanks to this collaboration, Baidu could only take advantage of Here, but only on the support of China.

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Baidu & Smartwatches

Following Google’s “footsteps” and after launching its OS Baidu Yi on Android, the “Chinese Google,” Baidu,  is about to set up its own smartwatch system through DuWear which will be available on Android. Thus, DuWear will be the same as Android Wear but only constituted of Chinese services, this way it will never be possible to see those DuWatch elsewhere. But, when the watch will be launched, it will be available on four different watches under Android Wear : the Motorola Moto 360, the LG G Watch, the G Watch R and the Smartwatch 3.

Will it surpass the american giant Google’s Apple Watch ? 


Baidu & Robots

On April 19th, during the annual Conference on electronic at Pekin, Baidu unveil its robot called Xiadu. This robot is able to instantly recognize different languages et then translate them in real time. The Chinese newspaper, “Science and Technology daily” tells us more about it : this robot was first used to welcome the foreign participants of this Conference and to ask them questions. Its main characteristic is that it combines a translation software and a facial recognition system at the same time which permit it to straightaway recognize the language speaking and then just after that translate everything it just heard. However, this robot can only speak Chinese, Japanese and English.

During this Conference, people were surprised by the fast reactivity of the robot. This is a real innovative in the robot History. Now, Baidu has to improve the number of languages that can handle this robot.

Baidu is a real competitor against the american giant, Google. Everything started with a simple search engine but then lots of small products has been launched and helped to create a whole society. In 2011, the enterprise has unveiled a home-made operating system for smartphones called Baidu Yi, available on Android. This time, the Chinese giant is launching smartwatches, purchasing a foreigner system and creating its own robots. It is definitively marking its territory.

Has China become too small for Baidu?

A legitimate question when you are in e-commerce, and have reached such a size that your only real competitors are those having up to 80% in their market of expertise (dixit Alibaba). Sadly for the Chinese company, things are not going so well with a regular loss of market shares subsequent to a series of PR catastrophes. Namely :

  • Baidu Search engine algorythm rigged to give priority to its own services
  • Not clearly stating when results are sponsored or
  • Last but not least accepting counterfeiters pharmaceutical company ranking at the top

With its absolute power over the Search Engine market in China being chipped away, looking outside the market may be a good solution. However Google is watching, and outside of China it’s Google the master. Baidu has still a long way before reaching a status similar to what it has in China. Bets are open!

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