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CES Put China Design at Front Row


  This year Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Los Vegas from 5th to 8th January. 3800 industries attended the show and more than 1500 of them were Chinese industries. So more than 42% of exhibitors were Chinese which clearly shows the dominance of Chinese designs in this market. Lots of US analysts appreciated the…


China Historic Startup Deluge


    China is getting into the funding business in a big way. A super enormous way. The nation’s government upheld wander stores raised around 1.5 trillion yuan ($231 billion) in 2015, tripling the sum under administration in a single year to 2.2 trillion yuan ($338bn) as indicated by information gathered by the consultancy Zero2IPO…


Trend: Chinese are sending their kids to study abroad

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Cen Qingcai, lives in Shanghai in China and is retired. He wants to send his his 12 years old granddaughter to study abroad. “My granddaughter is studying French at the distinguished Shanghai Foreign Language School. She spends all of her time on her studies and the school puts pressure on its students. Our family hopes…


China Bike Sharing Startup


China Bike Sharing Startup It has been proved by Bloomberg survey on bikes that the two leading bike share start ups of China namely oFo and Mobike have moved up to the profit of $100 million for the development of their investors. It has been observed that both the companies have risen in the market…