Xiaoyuzhou, how brands can use podcast platform in China

Anta, a leading Chinese sportswear brand, has collaborated with Chinese National Geography (CNG) magazine to launch a podcast on Xiaoyuzhou, a popular domestic podcast platform.

The podcast features experts in outdoor exploration discussing the majestic allure of nature and imparting essential survival skills. This initiative is part of their joint cultural IP project “甲行天下”, which translates to “walking the earth in armour”.

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  1. Platform Type: Xiaoyuzhou is a podcast platform, offering a wide range of audio content to its users.
  2. Popularity in China: It is one of the popular podcast platforms in China, known for hosting a diverse array of podcasts.
  3. Content Variety: Xiaoyuzhou features a wide range of topics, including culture, technology, education, and entertainment.
  4. User Engagement: The platform allows for user interaction, including listening, commenting, and sharing of podcasts.
  5. Accessibility: Xiaoyuzhou is accessible via mobile apps, making it convenient for users to access content on-the-go.

Earlier, in September, Anta and CNG produced a video under the same project, where outdoor enthusiasts ventured into a rainforest.

The focus was on Anta’s high-performance anti-storm jacket. With the onset of winter, the podcast’s latest episodes shift to snowy high-altitude terrains, highlighting Anta’s ice protection jackets.

Brand podcast in China

Podcasts are becoming a popular medium for brands to foster community engagement. Luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and outdoor brands such as Patagonia have successfully used podcasts to convey cultural values and build community connections.

While the #甲行天下# hashtag has seen a 5 million views on Chinese social media, Anta and CNG’s podcast debut episode attracted 7,000 listens source dao

This is noteworthy compared to Patagonia’s podcast, which averages around 2,000 listens per popular episode.

Anta, owner of outdoor brands Arc’teryx and Salomon, is tapping into the outdoor trend with its main brand. The collaboration with CNG magazine enables Anta to feature esteemed guests and explore challenging locations, effectively showcasing the performance of its apparel. By diversifying both the destinations and formats, from video to podcast, Anta aims to captivate and retain the interest of its audience.

Salomon, a brand owned by Anta, has established a notable presence in China, capitalizing on the growing interest in outdoor and sports activities among Chinese consumers. The brand is recognized for its high-quality outdoor gear, particularly in areas like trail running, hiking, and skiing. Salomon’s expansion in China is also supported by Anta’s strong distribution network and marketing expertise, further solidifying its position in the Chinese outdoor sports market


  1. Chinese Sportswear Brand: Anta is a leading sportswear brand based in China, known for its athletic apparel and accessories.
  2. Global Presence: Though primarily focused in China, Anta has expanded its presence globally, competing with international sportswear brands.
  3. Acquisitions: Anta owns several high-profile outdoor and sportswear brands, including Arc’teryx and Salomon.
  4. Innovative Products: The brand is known for its innovative and high-performance products, particularly in athletic footwear and sportswear.
  5. Market Positioning: Anta positions itself as a provider of premium quality sports products at competitive prices.
  6. Sponsorships and Endorsements: Anta has secured numerous sponsorship deals and endorsements with athletes and sports teams, both in China and internationally.
  7. Sustainability Initiatives: The company has been making strides in sustainability, focusing on eco-friendly practices in production and design.
  8. Retail : Anta has a strong retail presence with numerous stores across China and in other countries.
  9. Innovation The company heavily invests in research and development to continuously improve the quality and performance of its products.
  10. Cultural Collaborations: Anta has engaged in various cultural collaborations, such as with the Chinese National Geography (CNG) magazine, to enhance its brand appeal and connect with a broader audience.

How to market Sport Brand in China ?

  1. Leverage Local Social Media Platforms: Utilize popular Chinese social media platforms like Weibo, WeChat, Douyin (TikTok’s Chinese counterpart), and Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book) for marketing. Tailor content to resonate with Chinese cultural nuances and trends to enhance engagement.
  2. Nurture Online Communities: Create online forums or groups on platforms like WeChat, where enthusiasts can discuss your brand, products, and related sports activities. Engage with these communities by organizing online events, Q&A sessions with experts, or live streams featuring product demonstrations.
  3. Engage with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Influencers: Collaborate with popular sports influencers and KOLs in China. These individuals can showcase your products in action, provide authentic endorsements, and reach a vast audience with genuine interest in sports and fitness.
  4. Develop High-Quality, Relevant Content: Produce quality content that is both informative and entertaining. This could include workout tips, sports nutrition advice, athlete interviews, or behind-the-scenes looks at product development, all tailored to Chinese preferences and lifestyles.
  5. Utilize E-commerce Platforms Effectively: Capitalize on China’s robust e-commerce ecosystem. Platforms like Tmall, JD.com, and Taobao are crucial for reaching a wide audience. Consider special promotions, flash sales, or exclusive online releases to drive online sales.
  6. Leverage Data for Personalized Marketing: Use data analytics to understand customer preferences and tailor your marketing strategies accordingly, douyin is the best platform for that. Personalized recommendations, targeted advertising, and customized email campaigns can significantly enhance customer engagement.
  7. Host and Sponsor Local Events: Organize or sponsor sports events, competitions, and outdoor activities. This not only increases brand visibility but also allows potential customers to experience the quality and performance of your products firsthand.
  8. Cultivate Brand Ambassadors: Develop a network of brand ambassadors from local sports communities. These could be up-and-coming athletes, local sports personalities, or well-respected figures in the sports community who can authentically represent and promote your brand.

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