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You want to find sellers and distributor for your Sport and Fitness Products in China in 2022, good news , this article is for you.

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How sport became in a few years a big opportunity in China?

Since China hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics, Chinese people gave more importance to sport and health. So much than China is literally heaven of opportunities for sportswear and fitness brands.

Before the end of 2020, it is expected that China’s sport and fitness industry total consumer spending will reach more than $ 220 billion. This industry met spectacular growth these past years: from 11% to 15% year-on-year growth! These numbers are even expected to double by 2025!

The sport Chinese market still has a huge growth potential since less than 3% of the population has a gym membership and about one-third exercise on a regular basis (against 20% of gym membership and 70% exercising in the US).

As the numbers above can indicate, lifestyles in China are very different from Westerns’. They are more likely to buy online and are more easily reachable through digital content.

So, the question is: how are sold sport and fitness products in China?

You will find the main Chinese distributors in this sector in this article.

Why working with a local distributor?

Finding a distributor is really beneficial for any brand that wants to come to China:

  • The distributor will help you with the import, storage, and sales of your products
  • He will also take care of your products’ deliveries
  • Give you access to his huge partner network
  • It saves you from the long process of creating a local company or invests in a joint venture

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Sport and Fitness main distributors in China

  1. Physical stores

According to your strategy, you can either choose to distribute your products in mono-brand chain stores or in speciality chain stores. Leader brands like Nike, Adidas, Li Ning, or New Balance can afford to sell through mono-brand chain stores thanks to their name and developed stage in China.

If you cannot afford this distribution method, we recommend you to sell through speciality chain stores which are quite helpful for new brands since customers can directly know more about your products.

Of course, it is good to be present in physical stores. But nowadays, most of the Chinese shop online. Even though physical markets will increase your exposure, your presence on suitable digital platforms is the most essential thing for selling your products in this market.

  • E-commerce platforms


You can get in touch with over 85 000 distributors on the platform Tmall Business to Distributor.

This recent model which takes the form of an app different from the original Tmall app, Tmall B2D gathers distributors and makes it easier for businesses to establish connections and partnerships by offering a direct exchange without any intermediaries.


With about 60% of the online B2C market share in China, Tmall is the Chinese e-commerce leader. You can find almost everything you want on this platform and selling your products there is possible as well.

Tmall B2D is a good way to find a distributor while Tmall B2C is a classic way to directly sell your products through the greatest Chinese e-commerce platform.

JD.com is the second-largest e-commerce company in China. More technology-focused, JD represents about 20% of the Chinese e-commerce. Selling sport and fitness products on JD is also possible and will be efficient as well since it is a platform that Chinese people have trust in a lot.

As in Tmall, creating your online store and selling through the platform will lead you to big sales and high visibility!

We sell Distributors lists , and prospection services.

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