SEO Baidu is essential to attract Chinese industrial buyers

In the B2B world in China, Baidu and trade fair are the 2 ways to develop your business.

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Baidu is The Chinese “google” , having a nice website ranked on baidu is source of targeted visibility.

No matter if it is on a professional or a personal point of view, Chinese always research on the Internet in order to find the products they need. So do industrial buyers in China when they need to find information on a product or a supplier. In fact a Google survey even highlighted the fact that 90% of Chinese industrial buyers were beginning their search on the Internet.


A different way to look for information

However Chinese do not think and use the Internet just quite in the same way that do the Westerners. They usually write long phrases or sentences where Westerners research with short phrases or one word for example. Moreover Google holds just a bit more than a 10% market share in China. Because when it comes to researching information on the Chinese web, Baidu is the king. In fact according to iResearch the company owned nearly 82% of the market in the second quarter of 2014.


It is therefore strongly advised to rework on your website so that it fits the Chinese web as good as possible. The best way to do so is to do SEO with Baidu. It is extremely useful for foreign companies willing to sell to the Chinese market, indeed 95% of Chinese industrial buyers use the Internet to find suppliers.

Here are the first steps to optimize your SEO on Baidu:

SEO mots loupe

A suitable structure

Having a suitable structure means that your company’s website needs to be fast and functional.  The homepage needs to have a lot of links so that the Chinese netizens can find the information quickly. One has to be careful there are no dead links or error codes on the website. The sitemap should be easy to read for the Chinese search engine. Baidu does not recognize java script and flash, Chinese are however big consumers of videos so the website should use html to allow Baidu to read this kind of content.


Name of the pages

The pages on your website should have a short and explicit name about their content. Indeed the title of your pages is important for Baidu, which includes the titles in the search results.


So that the company must complete the <title> tag of your Header and strive to have a title related to the content of your page.


Content of your pages – Professional Chinese 

Just as does Google, Baidu is also able to analyze the content of pages, and it is important to complete the description (meta description tag), which must be related to your title.


If you talk about a certain subject, you must find a coherent lexical field.


Hosted  in China

Baidu.com gives  more importance to websites that are hosted in China. To be effective, the website will therefore ideally be hosted in China.

SEO China

Websites hosted abroad have to go through the great wall of China’s Internet, which significantly slows down the loading time.


Structure of pages

The Baidu robots give importance to the text, the titles and subtitles in your website’s pages. It is therefore important to structure pages with a table of contents, including different levels of importance.To indicate these levels, use tags. By following these rules, your content will be prioritized.


Baidu gives priority to fresh content and updates on its website. So that the pages must frequently be uploaded to be higher ranked in the search results of Baidu.

website under construction

A good start is to produce articles or news on a regular basis using  keywords.


Make links

SEO is no secret, set up links is necessary. There are three types of links: internal, external and social.


This is why the majority of players must go through specialized agencies that will carry out this work.


Maximize its web presence is a key factor for success in China for all industrial companies. Following the steps above is necessary to be highly ranked and have visibility on Baidu, the leader of Chinese search engine.

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