5 things to learn from Chinese SEO

5 keys ideas to learn from Chinese SEO

If you want to increase and optimize your SEO in China, there are 5 tools that you need to master before starting to break into Chinese market.

Before starting to explain these 5 most important keys of Baidu, you have to get in mind one key thing: Baidu is one of the most important key player in your SEO optimization in China.

SEO is super important in Education, because Chinese before choose they like to search and compare different offer, it is cultural ” explain the CEO of TailorMade

Some figures: There is 65% of Chinese users on Baidu as one of the main search engine. This means that two third of the population are using Baidu for their everyday searches online. sourceSEO Tips in China

Chinese website

In order to have more chances to be well ranked on Baidu, your website has to be hosted in China. Your main target will be Chinese people so you have to make the best online experience for Chinese viewer.

Talking about your website, you have to write all your content in simplified Chinese if you want to target your Chinese customers. You have to make your content understandable and captivating for your Chinese audience.

Links on Links

If you want to be well ranked on Baidu, the main core of the SEO is to create backlinks on site. What does it means? Your pages must contained hyperlinks to relevant websites such as governmental ones or appreciated ones by Baidu. Your pages have to contain some backlinks: you have two types of backlinks such as present links between pages belonging to the same website and social links directed to social medias.

Update with content

Baidu cares about quantity, you have to create content…yes a lot of content. Try to write more relevant newsletter, articles that are related to your website. There are some points that you need to take care of:

  • Baidu doesn’t really care about the keywords that you will put in your URL but on the anchor text of your hyperlinks and backlinks.
  • Care about the meta description of your page
  • Do not use flash player, Baidu will definitely not recognize it.

Be relevant

Yes Baidu cares a lot about quantity but also about quality. You have to write about a topic that is linked and related to the purpose of your website. If you are a website specialized in wine and you write an article related to sport, it will be not relevant for Baidu.

Trust Ranking on Baidu

You have two main characteristics on Baidu giving the trust ranking:

  • You have two types of verified account, one if for the biggest brand such as Adidas or Nike called search official site verification. The other is paid search verified account on Baidu. For this one you have 3 types of V, in order for you to get a better ad position on Baidu ranking page, you have to get this V. When you click on the V, you can see more details about the verified site.


  • Page ranking from 0 to 10, depending on the quality of your links and website content, Baidu gives you a mark. If you are keeping constant on the content and links, then your mark must not change a lot.

To conclude, you have to master these 5 keys in order to optimize your SEO on Baidu. See thhe picture below is a perfect summary of your SEO optimization on Baidu

SEO sum up

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What Chinese Marketers need to learn about Baidu

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