Baidu Ditu – Expanding Map Service To Monitor China’s Travel Industry

Technology is changing every facet of human life especially in developed countries where hi-tech products are easily available and companies launch advanced products and services every now and then.

baidu ditu

Technology in China


In China, technology is advancing very quickly and companies like Baidu are providing novel services to their customer. Baidu is one of the most famous companies in China and its mobile mapping service is obviously the biggest service in China. Baidu’s mapping app is mostly used in China. The mapping app helps in traveling especially in China as it has expanded to 106 countries. Baidu maps are now developing to cover more countries. Approximately 348 million people are using this mapping app.

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Baidu Ditu has Great functions

Baidu maps have basic information of street maps. It is also helpful for the people who are traveling by foot or using any other transportation. One can easily check the location or place of interest. Baidu has expanded the channel by working with National Tourism Bureaus. It has a great impact as it shows different discounted deals of hotels and other offers of shopping malls. This is also convenient for tourists in China. The mapping business has a great impact on the tourism industry of China. Chinese tourism is the main reason for a company’s growth plans in the future.

Baidu maps are now using worldwide

baidu ditu1

Due to development and management’s growth, Baidu maps are now used worldwide. Its market rate is also increasing day by day. As a result of its development and competition race, Baidu is now covering about 209 countries. This mapping increment includes Asia Pacific, Africa, North and South America. It identifies more than 120 locations among these. The tourism industry of China is earning more and more due to this facility, given by Baidu mobile mapping app. The tourism rate is rising rapidly because of this mapping app as transportation has become easy and time-saving.

Mobile mapping app has great influence on this increasing ratio of traveling

Chinese tourists appear to be better able to overcome those challenges that affect the Chinese economy. A current report proposed by Visa gives an estimate of spending on traveling in China is $137 billion. This is a rough estimate that shows the spending rate of travel.

Mobile Mapping App

Mobile mapping app has a great influence on this increasing ratio of traveling. It is obvious that this rate is growing in the coming years. This can be increased to 87% in 10 years of the future. It seems that after more development in the coming few years China’s expenses will be more than UK, Germany, and Russia. Most expected that expenditure rate will be double of U.S. It is very good for businesses in China because it will open gates to more business opportunities. It will also attract foreign companies to provide facilities to Chinese travelers in their countries.

Chinese tourist Marketing

The good reputation among Chinese travelers can help companies to increase their revenue to great extent. It is also estimated that Chinese travelers spend more in Western countries as compared to the travelers of other Asian countries except for Japan. Japanese travelers spend more money in any part of the world. Baidu is providing a very effective way to travel agencies and travel agents to analyze this market more effectively.

Not only helps tourists but also applicable for working people or inhabitants of China

The mapping app of Baidu not only helps tourists but is also applicable for working people or inhabitants of China. It helps to detect one’s location or point of interest. After knowing the importance and abundant use of Baidu’s mobile mapping app, it is obviously clear that local tourism industries want to be part of it.

Baidu & Tourism

These small scales tourism industries are interested in working with Baidu company to extend their channel. This activity or a kind of partnership is beneficial for both companies. Because this enhances the profitability of Baidu and other local tourism industries participating. Baidu mapping app has also given the opportunity to share users’ analyses about this mobile mapping app and their comments regarding this facility of traveling. Different promotion techniques are used or other plans on specific occasions in China.

Baidu Map 300millions users !

Hence, Baidu mobile mapping app is a very easy way to travel in China and Baidu is making it easier for travelers to use it. You must have this application on your mobile to allow Baidu to collect important data. Baidu is encroaching on its Chinese people to use this application as much as they can because it will allow them to provide more valuable information to all users of this app. Although users of this app are more than 300 million the target of the company is to increase this number to more than 500 million. It is the nature of Baidu that it does not satisfy on small achievements and keep on setting high targets for its teams and most importantly it achieves its goals most of the time.    

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