Baidu invests in online security

Baidu is a Chinese search engine, the equivalent of Google, which is blocked in China. China’s population regularly uses this site to find all types of information, and this is a real tool in the digital in China.

Baidu buy Anquanbao

The Chinese search engine Baidu has acquired an online security company Anquanbao for an unknown amount. The start-up has already planned to receive more funding from the company Northern Light, based in Beijing, and from Alibaba and Tencent. Existing investors will have to withdraw after the transaction, which means that the Anquanbao platform will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Baidu.

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Anquanbao’s company

It is software based on the cloud, which permits to protection of websites against security breaches such as malware or denial of service (DDoS). Anquanbao can easily be installed on a website to protect against this kind of piracy.


The company has cooperated with the company AWS China, to offer corporate clients firewall services. Its customers are very important such as SAE, Tencent Cloud, DNSPOD, 51DNS, and still others.

Ma Jie, founder and CEO of Anquanbao

Ma Jie is the founder and the CEO of Anquanbao and he established the company in 2011 after working in the Rising Company for several years and he has also worked as a chief technician within Innovation Works.

Baidu wants to strengthen Internet security

Following this agreement, Baidu plans to push cooperation between Anquanbao and Baidu Cloud to accelerate the loading time of websites and to better protect them from cyber-attacks. Moreover, Ma Jie will be promoted to director of the Baidu cloud security unit.

Acquiring Anquanbao in Baidu increase corporate security share by 30%, making it the largest player in this field. As internet security is developing in China, CloudFare is also ready to enter the Chinese market.

Baidu’s strategy to leverage more online safety will allow it to impose even more in the Chinese market. Moreover, through the Chinese search engine to increase its visibility in the Chinese market is important for a foreign company. Indeed, appearing in the first pages of Baidu, you will be more credible to Chinese consumers.

Baidu’s incoming to the Chinese anti-virus market is a significant step towards challenging the behemoth, the leader here…and challenger in the search engine market. How will that affect a billion dollars-sized market? This remains to be seen and is definitely worth following up…on SEO Agency China news of course!

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