5 reasons to do SEO in China

Is that important to work on SEO in China , in a super digitalized country that becomes the world’s largest web and mobile market, with more than 1billion million internet users in 2024

WHY do brands need Baidu SEO in China?

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In 2024, Baidu continues to assert its dominance in the Chinese search engine market while making significant strides in AI and technology advancements. Here are some key trends and developments:

Baidu AI Innovations: At the Create 2024 Baidu AI Developer Conference, Baidu introduced several groundbreaking AI tools and models, aimed at popularizing AI development and empowering users with varying technical skills. This includes the ERNIE models, which have become pivotal in China’s AI landscape, with applications like ERNIE Bot reaching over 200 million users​ ​.

Market Dominance in China: Baidu holds an overwhelming market share of approximately 85% in the Chinese search engine space in 2024. Baidu influence within China is substantial due to its integration into various digital services and platforms​

Technological Developments: Baidu also unveiled Apollo VTA, a vision foundation model for autonomous driving, enhancing its capabilities in visual perception for safety and adaptability in autonomous vehicles​​.

User Engagement: Daily, Baidu caters to about 218 million users, showcasing its critical role in digital advertising and online marketing in China. It also plays a significant part in the mobile ecosystem, with its app being a popular choice for millions​

SEO helps companies to increase their visibility in China.

Internet has a huge presence in the Chinese daily life since the penetration of mobile devices, providing them a constant access to information about different subjects including info related to products, brands or even online purchases. Currently, Baidu is the information source that Chinese netizens chose in order to seek those contents.

Businesses that want to develop their presence in the Chinese market should start by Baidu, the most popular search engine in China that has more than 70 percent market share. Baidu has become a very powerful platform for companies that want to improve their visibility into the Chinese market and therefore increase their sales.

However, companies’ websites have to appear on the first pages of Baidu in order to reach Chinese consumers and in this point is where SEO strategies play an essential role.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique that improves the ranking of websites on the search engine result pages. In China, search engine optimization is increasingly more indispensable due to the huge advantages of SEO and its effectiveness.

Native Advertising in China: Baidu Brand Zone

Niche positioning: Get relevant keywords and best keywords ranking

Keywords are the most important SEO factors for search engines. Choosing the right keywords is essential to improve the search engine ranking.

Companies must choose the keywords that describe the content of their site and their business best. It is essential to select the keywords most likely to be used by consumers when they search online.

Keywords play an important role because is the words that consumers type on search engines to find products and services related to your business. If they are able to find you, you will have a big chance to attract them.

Authority : Bring your website top on Baidu

SEO is the most effective method to improve the authority of Brands in China via Baidu. Through the integration of SEO strategies, companies have the opportunity to appear on the first pages of Baidu and reach a major number of potential customers.


There are many techniques to bring the websites to the top on Baidu such as keywords, backlinks, content…

Companies that not appear on the first pages of Baidu are invisible for Chinese consumers. Therefore, it is essential to have a good position in order to attract potential customers.

Increase online Reputation

In China, brand reputation is very important, and a huge part is played online. Brands and companies should control their reputation online, and act in case of negative comments.

SEO strategies, including the creation of content have the power to improve the e-reputation of a company. SEO can influence the results of search engines and hide the bad results while put up the positive ones.

Increase your traffic

There is a strong relation between the search of the consumer into the search engine and the result page.  If your website has a relevant position on the search engine, the number of visitors to your website will increase.

The reality is that over 90 percent of the traffic coming from search engines such as Baidu goes to the websites listed on the first page.

Get quality backlinks is an important technique that pushes a website to the top of the search results.  Thanks to quality backlinks the website will improve its rank on search engines, and this will lead to more traffic. In addition, backlinks indicate that other websites value your content.

Backlinks have the ability to drive traffic to the website and increase sales.

Helps to increase your online sales

When consumers are seeking products online in China, they almost always use Baidu as a search engine to find them. As a consequence, companies that expect that Chinese consumers will be able to find their site and therefore buy their products, the website has to be well situated on the Chinese search engines.

Marketers who integrate SEO strategies have the chance to increase their visibility on search engines. Thanks to SEO, companies’ websites will be placed in front of potential customers who are actively searching goods and services that companies offer.

As we can see, SEO is the best technique to improve your rankings and to boost your e-commerce sales in China.

In China, SEO plays a major role in the success of a company, helping to high ranking on the search engines to attract more potential customers in 2022.

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