1.68 Billion mobile users in China 2023

  • 2022-2023,over 1.68 billion People use Mobile phone in China 99.7 percent of the Chinese Population.
  • According to official Chinese government statistics, China had a penetration rate 99.7 percent for mobile internet.
  • The number of internet users in China hit 1.05 billion in June 2022, with 99.6 percent of them being cellphone users source 

Statistics in China

 China represents, by itself, most of the worldwide mobile users. On December 2022 , Chinese mobile broadband subscribers hit 99% of the total amount of mobile users. Recently, according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of the Chinese government, 1.3 millions of Chinese people use internet on their smartphones. However, this growth seems to slow down a little bit since the beginning o. 

Mobile broadband (5g) subscribers in China.

Crazy figure Connections in China will be 5G by 2025. Between 2020-2025 88% of operator capex will be invested in 5G equivalent to $116.16bn

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 the 5G users amount kept growing with a growth of more than 600 millions of users. China is ready to move on to a faster internet connections. The three telecom giants of China (China Telecom, China Unicorn and China Mobile) were handed over 5G licences and they were given permission to operate the own Chinese 4G services within the country. This will sure help to faster internet over the next few years.

Digital Marketing and services will play a fundamental role in the Chinese Economy (afetr Covid-pandemic)

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  • Chinese goverment in China has taken steps to implement enabling policies for cost-effective infrastructure deployment.
  • In January 2022, the MIIT exaplained that Mobile operators in mainland China had launched more than 1.4 million 5G base stations,
  • Big play : triple the number of 5G base stations to 3.64 million by the end of 2025.

How to make digital your weapon in China?

The usage

Since a few years now, it has been developed new online payment systems to increase and make the online shopping easier. Those systems allows customers to have access to banking services anywhere, at any time. Thanks to that, users can check their bank status, make bank operations or pay whenever they need, wherever they want.

This penetration of mobile payments systems has changed the purchasing habits of Chinese online consumers, now most of them make purchases via their smartphones.

Chinese uses mobile broadband mostly to go on social networks like the most popular messaging app in China, WeChat but also to watch TV, movies or dramas. Also, Chinese consumers spend a lot of time and money on mobile games which help to increase the use of mobile broadband.

The mobile internet market

In China, most pages viewed on Internet are viewed via mobile devices. It helped to create a new way for compagnies to attract consumers and thus to build a new market.

According to a 2012 report released by Baidu, more users access the Internet via mobile device around 8 AM in the morning and 10 PM at night. It shows the mobile advantage “wherever and whenever” which permit to people to stay connected 24/7 and to compagnies to catch the attention of consumers by using different ways, at any time.

Internet giants, with website using responsive design can reach a greater number of people, from the biggest cities like Beijing to the most remot corner of Yunnan.

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Baidu is mobile friendly now

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