How to make digital your weapon in China?

2023, Digital is THE main way to promote, sell, and communicate with Chinese Consumers.

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Offline distribution suffer. Shops are closed. Tradition way of doing business in China is swifting to Digital Marketing-ECommerce and customers services are online.

in my opinion, the positioning of a brand in China, their strategy helped them to sell products.

  1. Define clear target market
    from their online promotions’ contents from different platforms, it can be clearly seen that the age around 30-40 is their main target group
    But they are not completely give up female market
  2. product design and pricing
    For example a watch brand seems to be represent higher social class in China. their product design not only be a watch, but also combined fashion elements (differentiate it from competitors).
    compared to other more luxury mechnical watch brands, Their pricing is more acceptable to the target group (1,099rmb-42,980rmb).
  3. Promotion Strategy
    multi platfroms (Wechat, Weibo, Red, Douyin, Zhihu)
    Weibo: although their official posts had low comments, likes and forward (no more than 10),their e-wow is almost positive. Also, they invited celebirty (Chinese actors who are in the targeted age group) to show their products. As a result of that, their brand awareness increased through Weibo.
    Also, they used KOLs strategy (KOLs should fit their target groups).
  4. ‘How they find the brand?’
    Although their main target group is male (aroubd 30-39), The people who actually buy it are likely to be their female friends or relatives. Therefore, they pay attention to develop marekt campaign especially in RED and Weibo. For example, celebrities and Blue V.

Top 5 digital marketing tips in China in 2023

China’s economy is still growing faster and faster and a lot of companies come there in order to take advantage of this opportunity. Numbers of business increased, competition is beginning rude and customers are more and more demanding.

To face this competition and answer the best to the client demands you have to be adapted to the way they consume.

The 21st century in China is the digital era. Here, we will introduce you 5 tips that will allow you to use this way to sell the best your products

2022-2023 Version: Top 7 Digital Marketing ways to Reach Chinese Customers

SEO, what are the main differences with what we know?

As you have to know, Google doesn’t exist in China, for some reason, it is blocked so only a few people can have access to it. Then, it is useless to do an SEO campaign with Google.

Although Google is not famous in China, some other search engines are very often used by people. So, you can do an SEO campaign on other Search Engines.


Baidu, Chinese Google

As you may know, Baidu is the second most used SEO in the world with an almost total monopoly over the Chinese market. So, to be viewable on the Chinese internet, you have to master how to do a good SEO campaign on this search engine. First, in order to be recognized by Baidu, you had better translate your website in Chinese and be host in China. Hong Kong can be a good alternative. Furthermore, you have to know the most efficient keywords. At Google, you can choose a long tail strategy (more focus on what people looking for, less result but more efficient). Then, when you will appear on Baidu’s first page, the first part of the job will be done.


Online selling platform: The favorite Chinese canal

With the fast improvements of the Chinese digital, people are using their more and more their devices to buy products or services. Meanwhile, before people start to buy on a new website, they need to trust it and that’s the reason why online selling platforms are the best way to sell your products. So our advice is you have to use your website as a showroom and then sell on platforms like Tmall, which is the most used in China. The other interesting thing with the platform is that you can use it with every device, and in China, people use more their mobile devices than their computers (70% of users assume that they’ve already bought something with their phone).


Think mobile

As we just said,  mobile is taking bigger and bigger importance in the world of e-commerce. In order to take this advantage, you have to be adapted to people’s needs. And what do they need? To buy in the easiest way that they can. There are so many ways to manage this new trend (apps, mobile website…) but what we advise you to do is a responsive website. A responsive website is a site that is the same from one device to another. Using this way will allow you to get more loyalty and trust from your customers who will never feel lost.

Interesting article about China selling almost 90% of Audiance use only smartphones in 2023

cross border e-commerce

Social medias, to give a human aspect to your brand.

What’s better to make closer your company to your customers than to stay in touch with them? In order to keep this proximity, you have to be aware of which one is the most famous in the Middle Kingdom to catch users in the best way. You can consider that the two most important are Weibo and WeChat. With respectively 1.2 Billion Million users in 2023, these social media are essential in your digital marketing strategy in China.



2023 70% of brands will spend more money on KOL according to a survey done by China bureau statistics.

In your social media strategy, you will find different ways to attract customers and keep them loyal. To hire a KOL will give be worth it for you. A key opinion leader is someone who has a huge community behind him, from a celebrity to a blogger, These kinds of people are able to manage a lot of persons and their behavior is seen as an example. If you are able to make one of them using a product or service from your company, people will imitate the behavior of their idol.

SEO Tips in China

Always transmit a positive image of your brand

If you have to remember one word in order to succeed in your digital marketing strategy in China, this word has to be: e-Reputation. What is e-Reputation? We can define it as which message spread the internet about your company. The Internet has a different way to spread a message: If you are viewable or not Is important about your reputation. If you are not able to appear easily according to people’s demands, it means that you failed in your strategy. Social media are also ways to build (or ruin) an e-Reputation. There are people who can share their opinions about the experience they lived with your product and it can help (or totally not) to boost the sales. Finally, some websites like forums specialized in specific topics are really important to your reputation.


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  1. I like to marketing our product in China. Need price for that .
    Our product is about technical , do you have specific strategy ?

  2. What are the Chinese digital marketing trends? Please tell Digital marketing in china 2018, Are you a china digital marketing agency?

    What are digital media marketing in China…

    1. hi Arturb,
      Good question, Yes it is Promicing.
      Toutiao is a great tool, the main problem today is the audience, little bit too young , but the native ads there is really promicing.
      Douyin is great place to be, really content oriented, may become the Youtube of China, there are developping new Way to market and to sell. Today it is too much KOL based without any tracking/engagement/link…
      But they are improving fast

  3. Thanks for sharing excellent informations. Your site is very cool for startup in China. . I’m impressed by the details that you have on this web site.

  4. A great article. Digital is based of Chinese People.
    latest report from Startup Health, e-health startups broke an investment record in 2022-2023, with a global total of 21.5 billion dollars (nearly 18 billion euros) in fundraising, i.e. a increase of more than 50% compared to 2019. E-health and well-being have therefore been booming markets since the start of the health crisis, and the trend continues.

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