Marketing on Baidu, how does it work ?


SEO, what is it?


By the initials SEO we mean Search Engine Optimization. SEO represents the techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine.

The higher a website is ranked in a search engine, the greater the chance that the site will be visited by a user.




Baidu in China


Baidu is the main search engine in China as Google is censured by the government.

It is really important in China, because it controls more than 80% of China’s search market.

Thus, it holds the flow of information for China’s 420 million web users who are confined to Baidu results.

Lots of international firms target the Chinese web market. So Baidu became the key player within the Chinese search.

So if you are one of them and have a website, you must optimize it on Baidu.

This search engine is quite different from the other global ones because it is compliant with the Chinese laws and censorship and because of the language.

That is why the SEO strategy has to be adapted to this particular search engine.

Here are some tips that could help you in your Search Engine Optimization strategy.




10 SEO tips to optimize your Website in China


1) Host in China

The country-code is really important and Baidu favours Chinese domains. You need that your website address finishes by “.cn” to prove that it is hosted in China.


2) Write your content in Simplified Chinese


You must use the Chinese language particularly the simple mandarin on your content and avoid words in Pin Yin because you target Chinese people that do not read Pin Yin. Most of the Chinese do not speak English very well so they will not read your article or website if it is in a foreign language. Moreover, Baidu will not reference your website well if it is in English because all its algorithms are in Chinese as well.


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3) Pay attention to meta tags


The search engine pays close attention to the meta-tags that your website uses. These meta-tags include the Title Tags which has to include your keywords like your brand name, the Meta-Descriptions and the H-Tags.


4) Rely on amount instead of quality of links


Backlinks are one of the main building blocks to good SEO. They represent the links that are directed towards your website.

The number of backlinks is an indication of the popularity of that website. The search engines will give more credit to a website that have a good number of backlinks and will consider it more relevant than others websites in their results pages.

Baidu pay more attention to the quantity than the quality of the backlinks.


5) Get necessary content to the highest


You have to write the most important at the top of your website because it is what people will look at first. As Baidu can stock a hundred to 120k of content on a page, people often do not read everything.

Thus the name of your brand above all and the main points of interests have to be at the highest position on a website.


6) Avoid flash


Many websites use Flash to show animation on their webpages. Flash is most commonly used to display photos in a slideshow.  But texts in a Flash website cannot be read by Search Engines. So you have to avoid these type of animations if you want to have a good ranking.


7) Use a lot of keywords


Then, you need to link your text with a few keywords in order that Baidu scan your site easily. In that way, when the user will write the keywords he will find your website at first.


8) Submit your web site to Baidu


A site needs to be submitted only once with the home page URL. As Baidu is not Google you have to register on the search engine.


9)  Chuck robots.txt and duplicate content


Baidu ignores robots.txt at giant and does not worry an excessive amount of concerning duplicate content the least bit. Sub-domains mirror sites with essentially a similar content will oftentimes be seen ranking one when another within the SERPS for Baidu.


10) Spend on Baidu PPC


You can add to your organic range including techniques such as  keywords, backlinks, link popularity and so on a PPC campaign.

Web sites which have paid on Baidu PPC would notice their websites within the prime rankings of organic listing.




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