Are your following these rules? Then, you are failing you SEO in China

SEO on Baidu is not be all- knowing thing in China

In 2023, SEO is essential for a website in China. But some mistakes can severely damage your ranking on Chinese search engines such as Baidu. Here are some usual mistakes made when doing SEO in China.

Few, untrustworthy and forbidden backlinks

Backlinks are extremely important when it comes to doing SEO in China. Search engines consider when an article quotes its sources. If you quote things without saying where you got it from, the search engines won’t consider your websites and could block you or at least not put you on the first results. Backlinks will bring trust to your website, also they will provide you with more visits for your articles. It will increase your website’s traffic and your sites’ popularity across the web. So you have to put plenty of backlinks, when possible of course.

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Having said that, your backlinks must be relevant. Baidu loves good-quality backlinks. In order to become a trustful website, you must get good quality backlinks. It means you have to refer to famous and serious websites. It will only bring you good things because then, people will trust your information. They can check your information coming from these excellent quality websites.


YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are banned in the Middle Kingdom. If you put links towards these blocked websites, the search engine will rank you as an untrustworthy website because you would be seeing as encouraging people to use these forbidden sites in China. Therefore, you must be careful in selecting your backlinks.

Providing a poor User Experience

Pages loading forever

If your page takes ages to load, your readers will be discouraged. They will quit your site, and maybe never come back. A very important aspect if you want to have traffic on your website is to favor the User Experience. A great user experience will make the user loyal, they will want to come back to your website and eventually share your links with friends or relatives.

A slow-loading page will be bad for users’ experience because netizens, especially Chinese, want fast-loading websites. Moreover, the Chinese are not very loyal to brands and like to have access to a wide range of product offers. Knowing this, if a website is horribly long to load, they will simply go elsewhere, to some other website which could seem better to them because they have a short loading time.

A long loading page has two main causes:

  • As a foreign company, you localized your website outside of China or Hong Kong. Since China has built up the Great firewall, every website located outside of China will see its loading period increase.
  • Your backlinks are referring to foreign websites. Once again, the loading period is penalized by the number of “foreign”.

Obsolete content

You must absolutely update your content. If your information is not up to date, you will never be trusted and checked by anyone. Readers and search engines both love updated content!

Bad tittle tag

You must check the tags of your websites. Tags are the keys to allow a search engine, but also Internet users, to find you. If you don’t have the correct tags, people will never be able to find your site. Even worse, you will appear on page 2 or more of the search engines (usually, netizens stop their searches after the first page).

The most important tag is the title tag. Search engines value it a lot. It is displayed on the search engine, so basically it’s the first thing Internet users will see when they enter their request. Therefore, you must have an attractive title.

Inadequate keywords

img Chine

Keywords correspond to the words that will identify a site. Keywords will also sum up your page, the most important thing on your website, what is going to attract netizens. Keywords can be done wrong: if there are not enough keywords, the website will not figure in the search result page. If the keywords are not carefully selected, they won’t represent your website, and people won’t visit it. You have to identify the best keywords for your own site.

Finally, you must avoid having a horrible translation. Typically, you should never copy-paste your English website into Google Translate and let the magic happen. It will be everything BUT magic!

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