Top 10 terms to Know for Baidu SEO

You want to do baidu SEO, you have to read this article to understand 10 concept for your next SEO campaign on Baidu.

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Here are 10 terms you can not afford not to know when you do Baidu SEO

Anchor text

Anchor text is the discipline word for hyper-linked words, which is the anchor to the link. Anchor text is critical because experts found out that in SEO Baidu using anchor text rich in keywords is helping your website rankings. When it comes to optimizing link on Baidu SEO you do not have the same problem as on Google. Since Baidu is all about quantity over quality you can over optimize your anchor text without the fear of suffering a ranking penalty.
With Baidu you have the ability to widely use anchor text.

Title tag

A title tag in your website is a tag in the .html highlighted by <title>. This represents the title of the page and can observe on the tabs in your browser or in the headline of a search result in Baidu Search Engine Result Page. With title tags both the search engines and internet users have the ability to identify what your website is all about. The best way for using these title tags is to create unique, relevant titles for each single one of your pages.

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 Baidu title tag

Meta description

A meta description is yet another .html tag whose purpose is to describe the page when it shows up on the Baidu Search Engine Result Page. They do not affect the ranking but increase the click through rate since it is the description of the page. Just as with the title tags your Meta description must be unique and pertinent for each pages. And don’t forget : a call-to action is a must!

Meta et tag description

301 redirect

Deleting pages or changing URLs do not simply dissipate them into the digital universe. So when your user tries to search for a URL that is no longer valid, they receive a 404 error or a not found page. In order to avoid confusion and to preserve any ranking authority from removed pages it is best to use this redirect when you design your website for Baidu. This way your users will be redirected from the old URL to another active page fitting your specifications.

In 2023, you should not abuse about 301 redirection.


SERP means Search Engine Results Page. A SERP is what is shown to you after writing a search query made of keywords. SERP is a SEO specific term that any SEO oriented professional will here often

 fourcas dupres


Keyword is yet another useful term to know that is used a lot in SEO Baidu. It is a set of words that describe the company, its services, or the products it put on sales. Keywords are at the centre of a good Baidu SEO strategy because they tell both users and the search engines what your pages are all about . Using the right keywords in the title tags of your Chinese website, its headlines and in your content can help giving the search engines a better idea of what your page is about. On Baidu SEO the use of keyword is strategic and has to be well-planned

in 2023, some keywords can not be ranked with website, so we use Baijiahao Strategy. We create content for businesses on Baidu Websites networks.


Indexing comes in when the search engines collects and stores data across the web in order to acquire new data and fresher content. This is even more true for Baidu that appreciates frequent updates. When they actually find a new webpage they store a copy of it into their database, this is called indexing it. After indexing they can retrieve any relevant page related to a user query.

Having a Sitemap is necessary for baidu in 2023.


Two types of links Internal and external. First, internal links occur between pages inside of your website. For instance, a link from your homepage to your contact page is an internal link. Second, external links are links between two different websites.
Both link types are critical, although links coming to your website are considered as being more meaningful. When it comes to link building you should have an organized and simple link structure to ensure that Baidu and Chinese netizen can easily browse through your website. A simple rule to follow is : don’t make a page more than two click away from your main page otherwise you will lose your visitor.

Quality baclkinks are a must in 2023.


Trustrank is a ranking similar to page rank. For Baidu SEO it translates into a star ranking that grants you privileges according to your ranking. The following factors influence the star ranking : whether you are within the search engine guideline regarding advertisement policy, the quality of the submitted material and the degree of overestimation of your product efficiency (we are the leaders, 100% efficiency and so on)

Canonical URL

Canonical URLs are used when there is duplicate content. For instance you sell a tea in China that comes in several flavours, and you have a page for each of those. The search engines would not know what to index since they are very much alike. That is where canonical links are able to specify which page should take precedence over which one in Baidu search engine. Even though it is not a guarantee, it is most recommended to do so should you find yourself having webpages with similar content such as the above example.

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    Anyway, western companies should use baidu if they want to get into this big market, and you look a serious company.

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  4. Gone are the days you just check the box here, but let’s face baidu SEO, some of these Chinese directories are targeted quite well for small businesses and are effective. They are effective in that they increase their online visibility, generate leads and hence increase SEO karma points. If you help any small local businesses out, then i would use them but choose each wisely:)

    Good Luck!

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