SEO tips for Baidu 2024

Baidu is the most popular search engine in China with approximately 68 percent of the overall search engine market in China in 2024

Baidu Search Engine optimization is essential to any B2B company with a chinese website.

Thinking about Search Engine Optimazation Baidu has differents requirements in compare to what it might be used to Google. As a result of a heavy censorship in China, Baidu has different ranking factors and rules that it shouldn’t apply the same SEO rules that it would for Google.


Site structure

Companies’s website should have a understandable and coherent navigation in order to make it easy for user find what they are looking for. This also helps search engines to understand the website’s content quickly and increasing the chance for better rankings.
The website should use a flat and a tree structure. This makes it easy for users and search engines to find content by using only very few cliks. Chinese sites should implement a good linking structure. There should be in each page a link back to the home page.
Using breadcrumbs can shows your visitors where they are and in addition can helps the Baiduspider to crawl the site.

Use the correct language utilising simple chinese characters

Baidu’s most important main selling aspect and attribute is that Baidu only index simple Chinese characters. There are some issues in indexing language because there are often several different dialects within China and dissimilar characters for the same keyword too. To solve these issues Baidu solely indexes simplified Chinese characters.


Brand your domain name

Choose an appropriate domain name is a decisive aspect of any website, regardless of the country or search engine being focused. The Chinese search engine advises to use the shorter possible and memorable domain names. Other recommendation by Baidu is selecting a domain name which can transmit a sense of trust, handling well-know suffixes as or .cn.


No Subdomain

Baidu has a different way to treat subdomains than Google and Bing. Baidu treats subdomains differently to Google and Bing. Consequently, the chinese search engine consider subdomains like an organized subcategory and because of that root demain’s authority and subdomain’s authority are directly related.
Baidu recommends don’t use too many subdomains and don’t duplicate the same content between two separate subdomains because Baidu will identify this as duplicated.

Crawl technology and restriction

Baidu uses a search engine crawler which it is called “Baidu spider”. This is the same process that Google uses with Goglebot. Its job is stay away from elements and types of web content that cannot be crawled by the Baidu spider. Consequently, Baidu has some types of limitations: 

• Javascript, Ajax contents or links are ignored by the chinese search engine.
• Pictures, flash files, text contained in images and non-text contents are not readable by Baidu because it can only read text contents.


Title tags

This is one of the most basic and important onsite elements and should contain the most important keywords. At the same time should be attractive with a clear message and do not stuff keywords or insert non-relevantones in the title tag.
When splitting up the keywords Baidu recommends an underscore (_) as a good separator. This is in direct contrast to Google and Bing which recommend a hyphen (-).


Meta Description Tag

Although the meta description does not have weigh in the ranking, it It is important for the website to create a highly meta description which will match the content of your page.
The meta description should be a detailed description of the website content and not too short.

Make sure you take note of this tips in order to heighten your company’s SEO in China.


in 2024, companies has to get high quality backlinks to rank on Baidu.

Backlinks: The Internet’s Version of Popularity Contests

Imagine backlinks as the internet’s way of playing “I Spy.” It’s like each website is a little kid at a party, pointing to another and saying, “Hey, I know them!” The more times a website gets pointed at, the cooler it becomes in the eyes of search engines. It’s the digital equivalent of being the kid with the best Pokémon card collection in the playground.

Five Bullet Points About Backlinks in China

  • Web-world Handshakes: Backlinks are like friendly handshakes from one website to another, saying, “This site is cool, go check it out!”
  • Search Engine Gold Stars: The more backlinks a site has, the more search engines think it’s a star student.
  • Quality Over Quantity: A backlink from a top-notch site is like getting a high-five from the coolest kid in school, while one from a shady site is like getting a nod from that one mysterious uncle.
  • Niche Networking: Backlinks from related websites are like being part of an exclusive club. The more relevant the link, the cooler the club.
  • History Matters: Old, well-established backlinks are like vintage wine, getting better with age. New ones? They’re more like fresh grape juice – good, but not quite there yet.
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