Go Baidu when you do Internet Marketing in China!

With more than 600 million internet users in China, and a strong social media presence of the newly wealthy, urban Chinese; online marketing is a great place to attract consumers towards your business. The online space is ruled by Baidu, the Chinese version of google, with more searches per day than any other search engine in China, Baidu is a leader in internet marketing, as well!

E-marketing is the key for entering any market in China

As the global economy still reeling under the effects of slowdown, and recession, Chinese economy recording an impressive growth rate is attracting the attention of businesses across the world. If your business is all set to enter china, the best and easy way to make your presence felt and advertise your brand and products is through internet marketing.

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With close to 70% market share in the cyber space, and billions of searches everyday, Baidu is your best bet to advertise and promote your business online. For western business venturing into china, google may not be an option, as Google, China, has only a single digit market share. Baidu, has a similar look and feel as Google, and other features including similar marketing tools, etc. Most of these features on Baidu, are in Chinese.

With the many marketing tools Baidu, can help you reach target customers easier, faster with a potential to increase in sales, more revenues and an increased company value.

Strategies’ and tips for Advertising on Baidu:


For better results on Baidu, it is highly recommended to have a Chinese domain name, though .Com is okay, it is better to have a .Cn, using the services from a local hosting company in China. It is also recommended that use Chinese or Mandarin as the language on website.

Baidu’s major categories’ of advertising are:

  • Pay-Per-Click: This program is similar to Google AdWords’, your results will show up for chosen keywords, with the possibility of users clicking on the results that appear for those keywords. Baidu has a flexible pricing policy, you can either chose to pay per click or set a daily spending limit.
  • Brand Zone: A custom made Program to help create awareness of your brand among Chinese users. For the keywords you chose, eye- catching attractive texts/ images will be displayed aimed at promoting your brand.
  • Zhidao: It is a forum where users seek answers to questions on anything and everything. Companies can use this platform to create awareness on products and services related to a question asked by a user.
  • Pay 4 Performance: It is an innovative and a useful program that many business are attracted to. Baidu, display effective yet simple ads created to promote your brad, to those users who are already searching for products similar to those you deal in. You will be charge you only if you derive significant success using this platform.

Apart from these resources, Baidu also uses content published on its pages to display relevant ads. As users are looking for relevant content, Baidu has indexed more than 60 millions of web pages that are rich in content, and on such pages relevant advertisement will be displayed.

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  1. Well, if you want to go “Baidu” in China, make sure you’re not actually trying to search for a fruit! Baidu is China’s biggest search engine and a powerful tool for internet marketing in China. But be warned, don’t confuse it with the tropical fruit that’s also called “Baidu” – unless you want to end up with a search results page full of pictures of pineapples and coconuts!

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