Wealthy Chinese families leaving China for International Schools offering Singapore curriculum in Thailand

The surge in affluent Chinese families relocating from the mainland is benefiting Thailand’s sole stock exchange-listed educational institution, propelling its CEO into the ranks of multimillionaires.

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Schools in Thailand offering the Singapore curriculum are becoming increasingly attractive to these families. ISB stands out as one of the leading performers among Thai stocks, with the count of Chinese students skyrocketing to more than double in the year leading up to March.

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The increasing number of affluent Chinese individuals moving away from their native land has significantly benefited Thailand’s sole school entity listed on the SET. This trend has catapulted its CEO into the realm of multimillionaires. There’s an evident demand from…

CEO of SISB, Kelvin Koh, possesses around a 32% stake in the company. The soaring stock prices have elevated the worth of his shares to approximately 10.5 billion baht. Mr. Koh mentions that Thailand is emerging as a sought-after…

SISB International School (Singapore International School established in Thailand.)

Over the previous year, the school’s stock has witnessed a 216% spike, as per Bloomberg News data, positioning it among the top risers in the global education services sector, boasting a market capitalization surpassing $500 million.

website : https://sisb.ac.th/

Bloomberg’s assessment indicates that SISB’s CEO, Calvin Koh, owns about 32% of the company. With the stock’s upward trajectory, the value of his stake now hovers around $300 million.

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