China’s Growing Baby Foods Market

As stated by China National Bureau of Statistics, Chinese parents are spending 30% of their household income on their children. In 2020, the increase in expenditure made China’s Baby Food & Drink Market worth US$ 30.1 billion.

A lot of this spending is focused on typical baby feeding and food for small kids. The baby formula still dominates China’s baby products market. Yet an increasing number of parents are exploring alternatives. In particular, organic baby foods are expected to see rapid growth in the coming years.

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The key factors driving the organic baby food market in China

One of the key factors that drive China’s organic baby food market is the rising number of malnutrition cases among babies and general health concerns for babies’ overall growth.

In China, improved economic conditions have resulted in increased parental expenditure. It is a fact that the wellness of their babies is a top priority for Chinese parents. They are willing to spend on the highest-quality and most expensive products. What is more, the growing working population, especially women, have embraced convenience-oriented lifestyles. So the demand is increasing for organic baby food.

The key driving factors can be summed as follows:

  • Fast-paced busy lifestyles of the Chinese Millennial parents
  • More working women choose bottle feeding over breastfeeding
  • Families’ safety concerns about locally grown ingredients
  • Families are concerned about their kid’s slow growth levels
  • Growth of the middle class and more disposable income
  • Social media influence and online literacy
  • The availability and variety of the products on the market

Why Organic Food Matters to Chinese Parents

The first years are crucial for a child’s healthy development. Chinese parents know that any exposure to hazardous chemicals should be avoided.

Organic baby food is devoid of any pesticides. It is made of fruits and vegetables free of these chemicals. Organic bottled baby food contains no antibiotics or hormones either. Plus they have no artificial flavors, preservatives, or food colors.

The organic baby food market growth is influenced by Chinese parents who are sensitive to the types of ingredients used in the products. Parents have become highly conscious about what they are feeding their children, due to many baby formula and food scandals in recent years.

The majority of parents are educating themselves online. They are highly active; searching, and reading. They are sharing knowledge about their children’s well-being with nutritionists, doctors, and even brand representatives. And most of all among themselves. Thanks to access to the internet, consumers are more aware of what products are trending and what products are actually good for their kids.

6 reasons why the baby food market’s future is bright in China

1. Baby foods are convenient

For the increased number of working women in China, convenience means everything. These mothers don’t have time to select organic ingredients or cook them. Having a limited amount of time with their babies they rather do fun activities than chop vegetables. Plus often feeling guilty for overworking, they want to feed their babies with the best available products on the market.

2. Baby foods have a massive variety of ingredients

When it comes to variety, the selection is endless. bottled baby foods come as single or multi-ingredient purees or soups or puddings packed with fruits, veggies, meats, nuts, seeds, rice, or pasta. It all depends on the baby’s age and preference. Flavors include a savory pumpkin, broccoli, and sweetcorn puree, a tropical banana, coconut puree, pear, and spinach chicken with tomato puree…

3.  Baby foods are safe

Baby food products are prone to many regulations and they have to go through various amounts of tests before they can sell their products on the market.

Baby food on e-commerce platforms

4. There are many different types of Baby foods

Baby foods are now available in measured amounts and ready-to-serve portions. They come in glass jars, plastic tubs, and pouches with contemporary technology. Some of them include recyclable packaging. The variety includes everything from specialized foods for newborns to supported sitters to toddlers and preschoolers. Gluten-free, allergy-friendly whole grain cereals, snack bars, finger foods, and even frozen food entrees for toddlers are all accessible to Chinese parents.

5. Baby foods have organic alternatives

Baby food pouches that are BPA-free and contain non-GMO ingredients are both convenient and accessible. They come in a range of fruits, vegetables, and grains for each stage of development. These foods include no added salt or sugar. So they’re nutritious as well as easy for the baby’s developing digestive system to digest. They’re also readily available and inexpensive to buy in quantity.

6. Baby foods are portable

The best part about bottled baby foods is that it’s easy to grab and go. It’s very convenient to store and carry jars of baby food anywhere. No cooking is required, all needed is a spoon, and voila!  It’s dinner time for the baby.

WeChat baby products

In conclusion

Nowadays, Chinese parents are demanding ready-made baby food products. Bottled baby foods are convenient and fit their busy lifestyles.

There is a big variety of baby foods available like jarred food, baby snacks, canned food & others in the China baby food industry. Organic Bottled baby food is one of the leading segments in the baby food market. Baby foods are readily available online and offline. They can be served in seconds, as they do not require any preparation.

In China, factors like the increasing number of working mothers and concerns about baby malnutrition among families increase the demand for homemade, fresh, organic baby food.

According to the latest research findings, China’s Baby Food & Beverages Industry will grow with a CAGR of 9.65% from 2020 to 2026.

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