China Baby Diaper Market Trends 2023

China: Diaper Market Giant

Diaper market giant China has generated US$9,805.00m alone in 2022. The biggest revenu globally!

In 2020, the market penetration rate of infant diapers was at 77.1 percent. Increased rapidly from 51.6 percent in 2015. That year, the baby diaper market in China scaled at around 48.6 billion yuan.

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China’s history with diapers does not go back too far.

The diaper market in China was non existing up until the end of the mid-2000s.  Back in the day, instead of diapers, Chinese parents used trousers called split-pants. These pants had an easy opening at the back. They were designed to let the toddler squat whenever it was necessary.

From the mid-2000s to the present day, the Chinese diaper market has grown at an incredible rate. The traditional split pants called开裆裤Kai Dang Ku, is now history.

China Baby Diapers Market: Opportunities

Rapid urbanization and changing lifestyle of Chinese consumers drive demand for premium products. This is creating new opportunities for manufacturers to tap into this lucrative market.

According to the United Nations, urbanization in China increased 60% in 2018. It is projected to rise to over 70%  in 2030 and further to 80% by mid-century.

Premium Designer Diapers

Millennial mothers in China are growing awareness of premium baby products. They search for high-end, high-quality, and innovative products. When it comes to diapers, they expect various features. From absorbance to wetness indicator, from softness to breathability and improved fit. The brand’s online reputation, the quality of the material, no leakage guarantee, and of course the design or the appearance of the product.. They all matter.

Particularly on diapers, Chinese mothers’ influence is so strong that their consumer preferences—like softness and improved fit are now adopted by most diaper brands globally.

International Brands are Favored 

International brands are dominating the baby diaper market in China. Especially millennial Chinese parents trust foreign brands. They believe that foreign products provide safe and reliable products for their children. Many parents prefer the high-end features and look & feel of international brands. The extra quality they bring matters to Chinese parents. Premium products developed by foreign brands are the most demanded. Pampers, Kao’s Merries, and Unicharm’s Moony are at the top of Chinese parents’ shopping lists.

baby diaper market in China

China Baby Diaper Market Trends 2022 Key Trends

Aggressive marketing Trends and Promotional Activities

Aggressive marketing and promotional brand activities are projected to bring new market opportunities. Various brands are adopting promotional activities to reach target consumers. They well positioned their products in the market. Growing research to develop innovative, comfortable baby diaper products surely will foster market growth.

Continuous Product Launch 

Continuous product launch for business expansion by brands is one of the major trends in the market. For instance, in 2018, The US Consumer Goods Company Procter & Gamble launched Pampers Ichiban. They launched their product into the Chinese market on a special day. It was the China Women’s Development Foundation and Yuxueyuan ceremony held in Beijing. The new Pampers Ichiban is designed for the tender skin of newborn babies.

One of the newest trends in the market is a growing collaboration and agreement between brands. In 2018, Moony teamed up with Tmall. Together they opened a station at a mall in Hangzhou. They provided moms with a relaxing, hassle-free, and high-tech space. They could nurse their babies there. Such strategic alliance among brands is key to market growth.

Taking Advantage of Social Media and marketing through E-commerce

E-commerce became a significant distribution channel for baby diapers in China. In 2020, 49 percent of infant diapers were sold online in China, while about 51 percent were sold offline.

The rise of e-commerce on social media platforms has altered the landscape of traditional baby product shopping in China. Parents use online platforms to research products, ask for advice, or receive support. These connections are excellent channels for brands. They help establish emotional bonds with the targeted customers

Baby diaper market in China

Latest Developments in the Diaper Market

At the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Procter & Gamble debuted their new device: Lumi by Pampers. The sensor technology notifies parents when the diaper needs to be changed.

Kimberly-Clark Corporation debuted Special Delivery diapers in 2019. A plant-based product with a soft surface that helps to protect a baby’s sensitive skin. The arrival of these diapers is part of the company’s “No Baby Unhugged” initiative.

In 2019, Unicharm debuted two new products. MamyPoko Super Premium Organic and MamyPoko Pants Super Premium Organic. These items use organic cotton and an absorption pad with “organic speed wave” technology. It is anticipated that these novelties will attract millennial parent

China baby Diaper market

Who are the major players of the diaper market in China?

Major players operating in China’s baby diapers market include Procter & Gamble, Kimberly-Clark, Hengan, Unicharm Corp., and Ever Beauty.

In Summary;

Millennial moms, urban consumers, and multi-child families are forces behind the growth of the baby care industry.

They have strong consumer consciousness and pay attention to product experience. This allows brand owners to introduce new products to stimulate sales. And adopt diversified marketing strategies to attract new generations of consumers.

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