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Keys to be a king of SEO on Baidu

  1. Optimise Perfectly your website
  2. Optimise your content (and wording)
  3. Get Baidu verifed
  4. No English, Full Chinese
  5. Choose keywords
  6. Optimize their user experience
  7. Backlinks quantity and quality

Every western people know what Google is and how important is search engines in our daily life.

But when it comes to China, the game is pretty different. Therefore, if you want to succeed in getting more viewers and leads on your website, you must know how to handle Baidu. China is the biggest digital country in the world. There are huge opportunities to seize here.

Let’s get the figures right:

  • Over 500 million users of Chinese Search Engines
  • 4 166 667 internet search per minute in China – 6 billion per year!

Impressive, isn’t it? Don’t you know what is Baidu? Let’s make it short:

Baidu is the most famous search engine across China. It’s actually an understatement to say so. Basically, Baidu is the main search engine in the Middle Kingdom.

  • 657 million Monthly Active Users of Baidu mobiles search
  • 81%: Baidu’s share of China’s search engine market
  • Total Baidu revenue in 2015 $10.248 billion
  • 92% of Chinese internet search users have already used Baidu 
  • 99.5% of Baidu’s revenue comes from operations in China

Now you get how tremendous Baidu is, let’s reveal the keys for success. Basically, you can’t get far without a good SEO campaign on Baidu. Search Engine Optimization is a must. SEO will help your website to be well ranked among the search results. If you’re not on the first page, you can already say goodbye to more than half of your potential customers. Are you used to looking for your results on the second page? Let’s face it, you’re not. We are not either. Here are the keys for mastering SEO on Baidu, and potentially be top-ranking there.

Optimize your Content

You will never be a Baidu SEO Master if you don’t get your content right. Therefore, the content of your website must be as good as possible. It must be relevant. It must attract your users and keep them on your website. In order to do that, your language level must be perfect, your articles must be interesting, useful and correct. Moreover, you must update your content, so that it always stays relevant, correct and updated.

These few keys will help you to get interesting and captivating content on your website. This is the first step to getting your million daily users!

Our SEO specialists know how to optimize your content; you just need to contact us.

Get V-ed by Baidu!

When your website is V-ed, it basically means that it has been verified by Baidu search engine. The content is then approved by Baidu. So it conforms to the reality. It’s not a fake website. You will then see a “V” (Verified) next to your website’s URL in the search results.

The, when you click on the “V”, you can see some information about the website. Undoubtedly, your V-ed website will get a higher rank on the search results, and will also increase a lot your convert rate, which is widely helped by Trust Ranking.

There are different levels of V-ed websites, but you have to pay for them. They are very useful in a country which is flooded with fakes. Here they are:

  • V1 is the first V-ed step.
  • V2 is the second V-ed step.
  • V3 is the best V-ed level. But this one…No, you can’t buy it.

These 3 V-ed levels will increase your CTR, which will help a lot your SEO.

Here is an example of a famous V1 website. Get in touch with us if you want to increase your visibility on Baidu.

We also advise you to use Baidu Platform like Baike, Baidu Zhidao, Baijiahao.

Get full Chinese!

Baidu’s footprint loves websites hosted in China. And it loves them, even more, when they have a .cn at the end. Full Chinese indeed! For Baidu, the more Chinese, the better!

Chinese websites will see their loading speed rate very high when some western websites will take hours to load. Usually, consumers don’t like to wait to load a website. If your website is not loading quick enough, you will lose many customers.

Of course, you must also have a website translated in the Chinese language. Or your aimed Chinese audience will never take a single look at it.

Cherish your users – Optimize their user experience

Baidu pays attention to the content and the relevance of your website. But it also analyzes how it’s used by netizens. Therefore, you must provide them with a clear homepage and your web pages must load at high speed.

Get your SEO keywords right!

You need to find the right keywords. They must fit your company’s description. Once you’ve chosen them carefully when users will type in your defined keywords they should easily get onto your website if you have followed nicely every step of a good SEO campaign.

Getting your keywords right can be a full-time job, if you get the best keywords tailor-made for your website, then you will increase enormously your converting rate, your leads, and everything that comes with it!

Ranking on Baidu, Backlinks quantity and quality

Ranking on Baidu is quite tricky. Indeed, there are different kinds of keywords.

  • Generic keywords

You will never be able to top rank these generic keywords. For instance, if you search “Travel France” you can already let it go. These keywords are too mainstream. You must upgrade your efficiency in searching keywords. Here’s how to get it to another level.

  • Sharp keywords

Your keywords must be sharp. You must absolutely spend time to find these sharp keywords. Therefore, following this same example, instead of searching “Travel France”, you should better select “High Class” “Travel Agency” “France”. Then, your chance of top-ranking Baidu will increase a lot more.


Getting the best keywords is a full job as such. If you have any projects, you can contact us. Our SEO specialized agents will help you anytime.

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