AI in China : police cars scanned faces in search of Criminals

China is a big country with huge technological potential. This is the reasons why, a new device has been set up to help the Chinese Police. Research helped to build a car able to scan the face and detect criminals.

New “Jewel” for the Chinese Police


Chinese Police

This 4X4, which at first sight looks like an ordinary car with a speed of 120 km /, is able to determine gender, age of individuals and read license plates.

With an estimated population of nearly 1.3 billion people, China is a very big country. It is not very easy every day to be a police officer in China, especially when they have to interpellate a criminal.

Chinese researchers at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China think that they have found a rather innovative solution to this problem. They have developed, for the police, a high-tech vehicle equipped with a facial recognition system that allows to identify suspect in a crowd.

A high-tech SUV equipped with a facial recognition system


Chinese Police

the SUV is already being tested during the G-20 summit in Hangzhou last year, has a 360 ° camera on its roof that automatically scans faces that are within a 60-meter radius.

Its system embedded that moving at a maximum speed of 120 km/h. Firstly, it determines the sex, age and ethnicity of each face, then compare it with the faces stocked in the police database and alerts the driver if an identification is established.

This system can also recognize license plate numbers, vehicle types, and can be set to look for only one type of individual.

These facial recognition systems should not have too many problems to set up in China, because  until now, the police vehicles are producing a simple car, slightly modified for police use. The country already has about 100 million surveillance cameras.

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