Phresh: The New Food Protector in China

Fed up with waste? Tired of having to throw all your fruits and vegetables in the trash?

Products that you aren’t almost consumed. A new start-up based in Israel and China was able to extend the lifespan of organic products with a great innovation. They are an organic and safe solution that prevents fruits and vegetables from spoiling at homes: Phresh.

Phresh: What is it?


In general, fruits and vegetables never really stay fresh enough after the purchase, because of the lack of conservators.

Made in China, Food Protector is a small robot that watches over fruits and vegetables and allows to increase by one month their lifetime in order to give you more time for consuming them in an optimal way.

Designed by the Israeli start-up Phresh, for fighting against waste, this new kitchen utensil isn’t like the others utensils next to your fruits and vegetables. Phresh is an organic powder contained in a small sachet that will fight against the aging of the fruit.

Phresh a new ecological gadget


Just two weeks after its entry into the market, the new eco-friendly gadget has recently finished a fundraiser on the Kickstarter’s online financing platform. They succeeded to raise nearly $ 30,000. The company assured that the powder would be 100% natural and can even be ingested without any consequence.

The gadget just releases these small particles in the air and your food is protected. The food protector is also equipped with small LED lamps that change color when a bag needs to be replaced.


Phresh will help many families to save nearly hundreds of dollars each year by using this product. This little gadget costs only 25 dollars and was marketed since September 2016 in China and the United States.


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