5 Tips For WeChat Campaigns that Actually Works

WeChat is a predominantly Chinese application among all the others. It has a record number of features.
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Therefore, the mobile application allows these users to perform multiple actions. Such as conducting advertising campaigns for example. So in this article 5 tips will be given in order to realize an advertising campaign impacting on WeChat

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1- Wechat AI and Augmented reality

Augmented reality is the superimposition of elements and reality. This new technique has revolutionized the video game market, but it also extends to all other fields.

L’Oréal is the leading cosmetics brand in China. In the summer of 2019, the company took a big step forward with a brand new advertising campaign…at the cutting edge of technology!

Indeed, the company has integrated Augmented Reality into its WeChat mini-program. This has made the experience fun for consumers who have bought beauty products in abundance. The technology allowed customers to try the products. Which is normally impossible with online shopping. And that’s what it’s most often criticized for. Especially when it comes to make-up that often matches the skin tone. L’Oréal lipsticks have been superimposed on the faces of Chinese women. The latter has thus identified the right one and bought it. This is how l’Oréal is gaining more and more ground in China.

2 – Wechat Mini-program and Transparency

WeChat’s mini-programs allow you to create groups of interest. Then, messages can be distributed in discussions and thus have a wide reach.

  • What if the messages sent are no longer just promotions?
  • Why wouldn’t you invite your customers to your home, in your company?

It was the Hermes brand that came up with the idea, and it worked!

Indeed, the French luxury brand has decided to innovate for its new advertising campaign. Messages were sent to customers, but this time they banned the ad. An invitation to visit the company’s premises was sent to a certain number of people. A nice marketing move for the brand, which proved its transparency and thus gained the trust of a large number of people.

3 – Wechat CRM and Customer Service

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This technique is also about trust.

This time it is the Sephora brand which came up with the idea. If the store experts aren’t here, Sephora will bring them in. With this in mind, the brand is offering new services to its consumers via WeChat : A chatbot

Indeed, Sephora has delighted its consumers by offering them expertise from the comfort of their own homes.

How does it work?
Customers answer a series of questions about their:

  • physics
  • preferences
  • habits
  • budget

Via the chat, the brand thus responds instantly to its customers. It gives them all the personalized advice and tips. The latter are therefore well informed and can thus make their choice from among all the products in their online store. It’s practical!

4 – Immersion with Wechat mini-game

How about immersing your clients in a game?

This is the strategy of the Fendi brand, which has tried a whole new approach to these consumers by its WeChat campaigns.
Younger people are very attracted to video games. Based on this observation, the luxury brand wanted to launch its own video game, giving it access to a younger audience.

That’s how Fandi launched its video game. The main character is Xu Weizhou, the brand’s muse. The character lives adventures in the city of Rome (where the brand’s headquarter is located).
Xu has adventures while travelling around Rome and has to find Peekaboo bags (the product that made the brand famous). Levels can be unlocked by advancing further in the game.
This strategy has brought a large number of players, which has pleased the brand, due to the strong impression on the minds of the younger players that it made.

5 – Authenticity

Celine is a luxury brand. The items are therefore expensive but of superior quality.
Chinese consumers very often find it difficult to trust. This is even more the case when the brand is not Chinese and the store is online.
In order to overcome this fear, the brand has devised a more authentic approach to the Chinese market.

Customers felt closer than ever to their brand because the new digital marketing strategy with WeChat has created empathy with them.
Indeed, it is by telling her story that Celine touched her clients.
Columns can be added to your WeChat mini-program. A section about the company’s history will make consumers love the brand for its products but also for what it is.

To sum up: Wechat campaigns that work

Wechat is a great tool but it is not a tool to get new customers. Wechat campaign can help you neuter your already existing customers and followers. Retain your actual customers and convert your followers, that is what you should use Wechat for. You can do it by being interactive with Wechat mini-game and program, by building trust and being close to your public with a good Wechat CRM and build your credibility and a community via Wechat group.

Are you also dreaming of a brand new digital strategy that will launch your brand on the Chinese market?

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