Top 3 of most used search engines by chinese people

Nowadays, China is considered as an Eldorado for every business developpement.

Why this is an Eldorado?

  • First, with a population of almost 1.4 billion people who tend to be richer and richer every year, it is now essential to at least consider this opportunity.However it is probably one of the most complicated markets to achieve: Censorship, protection of the national economy, cultural differences, are obstacles that you must passing through and hoping to succeed in this country.
  • Second, Chinese people are extremely connected you will need to still be present on the local internet and to be visible, the best solution is SEO. But how doing SEO with Google? You have to Know its local substitutes! That’s why we’re here to introduce you the top 3 search engines in China.


60% of Chinese Internet users are  searching on Baidu

Baidu is the number one search engine in China. A good SEO on Baidu is the optimal solution for your visibility on the local web. SEO on Baidu is more or less similar to that of Google, consisting of SEO and SEM , you need to develop the best strategy in selecting the best keywords . As with Google, you can also check your results with an analytical system . SEO on Baidu is not something easy and you have to master Mandarin and local trends.

BAIDU - Offices

Why Baidu? Optimizing your SEO and SEM strategy with this search engine!

SEO sum up


500 millions users in China

Qihoo 360 is basically a company specialized in internet security with a popular anti-virus software in China. The search engine (360 browse) is also very popular. The latter is the main competitor of Baidu and includes 30 % of Chinese Internet users. SEO methods are substantially similar to Baidu and with its large number of users, Qihoo 360 to sobering companies in need of internet visibility.


Why Qihoo 360? It is one of the most popular search engine besides Baidu. Be present on 360 and you will have more chances to target Chinese customers!

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+10% growth !

Just as Baidu and Qihoo, Sogou is a Chinese search engine. Itput together 15% of the users of the Middle Kingdom park. It is also the only search engine which takes in account the content and WeChat therefore allowing users to search them. It aims to see its market share continue to grow thanks to this innovation.


Why Sogou? This search engine is taking in account your content on Wechat! Combining chinese social medias presence and visibility on chinese search engines! What else?

social media

Now, you know the three search engines on which you must absolutely be present as part of your digital marketing campaign in China. You will need to prioritize Baidu with an effective SEO campaign (whether paid or free) and subsequently attempting to use other search engines. Thus you will receive the necessary visibility you need to succeed in China.

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