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5 Tips for improving your SEO in China

Any market looks like the Chinese one concerning the search engine optimization. Actually, the Chinese market is unique in this side. For this reason, the knowledge of the Chinese SEO becomes essential to improve the visibility and be successful on the online Chinese market.
With more than 1 billion users in China,internet is the main source of information for most of Chinese people. The Chinese spend a lot of time on it, whatever the place they are. This shows the importance of the SEO work.

Search engine in China !

Google, unlike in Europe or America, is by far the least used search engine in China, blocked in this country and redirected towards Hong-Kong. This enables Baidu, with more than 65 % of market share (as of January 2023), to be the most used search engine in China. Baidu was created by Robin Li and Eric Xu in 2000. There are some search engines in China. Sogou became the main Baidu competitor with a market share in perpetual growth, turning around 13 % now. Bing, and Haosou, in 3rd and 4th position, share 15% of market shares.

Cost-Effective Agency

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Here are 5 quick tips to succeed in the SEO in China:

Choose the right Title!

The Chinese search engines, places high attention on the title of your page, article or website. It’s important to be aware of it. These titles will allow you to be identified and to highlight your articles or pages in search engines. They should be reflected and you don’t just write anything and everything.

Have good Keywords

Keywords have to define your brand, products or services. It must be short sentences or relevant words. These have to appear in your title, contained and in the description (Meta). It’s necessary to find good keywords which will bring you an important traffic. Opt for the long trail keywords instead of the competing keywords (basic, short). The long trail keywords represents the whole of the keywords known as “original” or “rare” leading a site to be found in the search listings. These keywords, taken individually, generate little traffic. However, by cumulating them, they can represent up to 80% of your qualified traffic.

For example, if you wish to create a site or a page which refers to outbound tourism China, these words can be “companies selling high end tourism tours for Chinese tourists China” or “Luxury tourism agencies for Chinese tourists”. These keywords match better your potential customer which means more qualified traffic and ultimately more leads.

Website for Chinese netizens differs from its western version

Baidu put China-localised website first on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). A website hosted in Mainland China or Hong Kong is a must have if you really want to rank first (and you do, right?) for maximum visibility. This goes without saying but you need a fully translated version of the website using simplified Chinese characters and a main page with the most important information available at first glance (ie : hot deals, flagship products, new product, review from satisfied customers).

Have relevant backlinks

Backlinks enormously influence the ranking on search engines. To be in the top results, you have to put relevant backlinks on your pages and published articles. A good link building strategy is essential on Baidu. This strategy, unlike Google must focus on quantity rather than quality source 

Always updates

Baidu is very sensitive to novelty. It’s necessary to refresh frequently your sites or pages by adding some new contents or update the older. The number of updates is very appreciated by the search engines.



While the underlying concept remains the same, the methods to rank to the top on a Chinese search engine’s SERP, like Baidu, remain widely different from what SEOs would do on Google. So when you want to enter the Chinese market and need a SEO campaign you need experts.

Created 10 years ago, our agency has a very decicated team of Baidu SEO experts. Starting on Baidu SEO is uneasy, our experts can accompany you on various aspects:

  • Baidu SEO account setting
  • Website localisation
  • Local hosting
  • Keywords strategy

Get in touch with us, one of our consultant will provide a first free 30 min consultation to discuss your SEO project on Baidu, and get a few valuable advice.

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