James Harden sell out 10,000 bottles of Wine via Chinese Livestreaming

NBA sensation James Harden witnesses rapid sell-out of 10,000 wine bottles during a Chinese livestream.

In a stunning moment, NBA icon James Harden was left awestruck as Chinese enthusiasts instantly purchased 10,000 bottles of his signature wine, underscoring the incredible impact of livestreaming in a nation where basketball has countless devotees.

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With the Help of a Famous KOL in China Crazy Yang Bro

Teaming up with online sensation Crazy Brother Yang on Tuesday, the Philadelphia 76ers’ seasoned guard showcased his J-Harden wine label to an audience of 15 million, as revealed by the state-affiliated Global Times.

In a playful exchange, Yang questioned Harden about his usual daily sales to which Harden responded, “A few cases.” Yang teased, “Let’s see how fast we can sell these,” to which Harden responded with an intrigued, “Show me.” Moments after Yang initiated the sales pitch, he had to halt the process just 14 seconds later.

An astonishing 5,000 orders at $60 for a pair of bottles meant a lightning-fast revenue of $300,000. A visibly surprised Harden laughed and clapped as he confirmed the stats on a screen.

Livestream shopping in China

Livestream shopping has gained immense traction in China, evolving into a mammoth industry. This hybrid of e-commerce and entertainment provides viewers with on-the-spot deals or vouchers. Viewers can instantaneously acquire products from broadcasters and also shower their beloved celebrities with virtual tokens.

Such platforms feature a variety of goods, from cosmetics and self-care products to household essentials. The potential earnings for top streamers reach seven figures annually, motivating many to exchange their traditional jobs for a chance at online stardom.

Could livestream shopping redefine the landscape of e-commerce?

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