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Youku to buy Tudou, creating China online video giant

By joining forces with, Tudou has been bought out its smaller rival in a $ 1 trillion all-stock deal, creating a leader in the sector with more than a third of the shares market.

Youku the Chinese Youtube

These 2 platforms are Quite similar

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The platforms of video online on the global viewers of the 685 million of viewers Youku is the one of the great video and account platforms of 500 million acters per month.

Youku Viewers use these platforms to watch news and entertainment, express opinions, or buy what they look like. Even though YouTube and the like, Youku better meets the needs of brands.

How to Advertise on Youku?

(like youtube) Native Ads 

Longer pre-launches on YouTube can be ignored after 5 seconds of serving the ad. However, they can not be ignored in Youku. Most users of Youku, except for a small number of users VIP customers must let ads run for the duration of their use. See Native Ads

example Adidas



Pause ads (in the middle of video)

When users press the pause button, a pause announcement appears and remains on the screen while the video is paused. These are typically still pictures and highlighted keywords.

Product Placement in Youku TV Show

Youku creates a lot of TV Show (inspired by Netflix) and it is possible to advertise on Product placement.

Official youku Channels

in China; Brands can create their own channels on Youku, ads, or product reviews, For example, brands can add a short promotion or campaign video after their general advertising. Other features are also verified, including original content, polls, and adding a text layer to videos.

Firms can conduct marketing campaigns on Youku. However, with the cooperation of Weibo and Alibaba, campaigns on Youku have increased reach and influence.

Example Alibaba Youku Channels 

● Social  Youku

In early 2013, Youku and Weibo began cooperating to allow the user to watch videos now.

Live streaming linked to  E-commerce

Owned by Alibaba, Youku is more likely to turn users into consumers. Brands can spread directly to campaigns to promote products or services. 

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