Douyin Advertising: Why Do We Love Douyin Search Ads

Navigating the world of Douyin (TikTok) advertising can often feel like trying to master an entirely new language. Believe me, I’ve been there – facing the challenge of reaching an audience in a market as vast as China’s 700 million active Douyin users.

In this blog post, we’re going to dive deep into one particularly powerful tool at your disposal: Search Ads on Douyin and why they are both effective and exciting. Ready to unlock your brand’s potential? Let’s get started!

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Douyin Short Recap

If you don’t know what Douyin is, here is a quick recap of this short video platform. Douyin is a top social media platform in China, which is also the mother app of TikTok. It was introduced by Bytedance in September 2016. On the Douyin app, people can watch or make short videos. As of 2023, Douyin has more than 700 million monthly active users.

Douyin relies on user-generated content but it’s also a perfect digital marketing tool, as it’s now the second most important social media platform in China.

Douyin overview

Who Uses Douyin?

Douyin is a hit with young Internet users. It’s the top pick for screen ads in China. Women spend more time on it than men do. Its main crowd comes from China, bigger than TikTok’s fan base there.

It is predicted that by 2025, the app will reach 835 million monthly active users, with the majority of them being under 35 years old. But what’s interesting is the fact that Douyin also interests older generations and there is a growing amount of older people using the platform every day.

What Makes Douyin Different from TikTok?

Douyin is not just another TikTok. Yes, they seem the same but there are big differences. First, Douyin uses keywords to search for videos. TikTok does not do this yet. Also, Douyin lets users search videos using facial recognition technology.

This is not on TikTok either. Another difference is where you can use each app – Douyin is only in China and TikTok you can use anywhere else! The way new users start using each app also varies a lot between them.

Safety rules like privacy measures, data security, and what content gets removed by the app also differ for both apps even though they look similar on the surface.

Not to mention that Douyin business accounts are far more advanced than TikTok ones, with e-commerce integration and different Douyin advertising formats available to consumers.

Douyin e-commerce; business accounts

Search Video Ads

After witnessing the app’s rapid ascent, Douyin recognized the importance of introducing a search feature, which they implemented in 2018. From that point onward, Douyin has enriched its platform with various search capabilities. Consequently, search advertising on Douyin has steadily garnered interest from brands and marketing professionals.

Douyin’s advanced search capabilities offer a goldmine for marketers. Search engine marketing is now standard in China, thanks to Douyin. The video and live-streaming platform ups the ante for advertisers, offering dynamic and engaging content. With Douyin, you get to pick the right keywords that match your work field.

The ads then pop up when users type those keywords. No more random guessing! Plus, with Dou+, their neat ad platform, businesses can build very focused and effective ads using top-tier options and functions.

Targeted search ads on Douyin truly make an impact, gripping users with personalized messaging that resonates deeply.

Video search engine marketing

In China, video search engine marketing is now the norm. Brands use this method a lot. This change in practice came a big thanks to Douyin’s advanced search features. With these tools, brands can reach more people in smart ways.

Plus, it has made online ads fun for users too. It’s an exciting time for digital marketers like me!

Douyin advertising: search ads

Benefits of Douyin’s dynamic video and live-streaming platform

Douyin offers a great chance for you to get your message out there. Its unique video ads and live streams let you talk with so many people. You can use these tools in several business areas like e-commerce or print-on-demand.

The live streams on Douyin are exciting, they make sure people see your ad for at least three seconds!

That’s a lot of potential customers! To top it all off, Douyin works really well with influencers which makes it different from TikTok. If you want to run a successful Douyin advertising campaign, search ads definitely shouldn’t be missing.

The targeted and engaging nature of Douyin’s ads

Douyin ads hit right at the heart. They grab your focus and hold it tight. That’s because they’re made just for you! This platform uses targeted advertising to make that happen. It knows what each person likes and needs.

So, it shows them Douyin advertising campaigns that match their tastes.

The fun doesn’t stop there though! Douyin doesn’t give boring, plain old ads. No way! Their video clips are like mini-movies meant only to please your eyes. Bright colors fill the screen and cool beats play in the background to keep you hooked from start to end.

Talk about making a strong first impression on viewers!

Trust me when I say this: if done right, Douyin’s engaging ads can turn every viewer into a buyer with ease.

Search Ads vs. Other Douyin Advertising Options

Unveiling the distinctive contrasts between Search ads and Douyin’s other advertising options such as brand partnerships, in-feed ads, and live streaming — all poised to decode which strategy garners maximum visibility.

Search Ads vs. Brand Partnerships

Search AdsBrand Partnerships
VisibilitySearch Ads enhance visibility in search results, appearing only when users search for keywords related to the ad, making them highly targeted.Brand Partnerships involve collaboration with influencers or popular users, visibility depends on the reach and popularity of the collaborator.
EngagementDue to their targeted nature, Search Ads can lead to higher engagement rates as they are often relevant to the user’s current intent or interest.Brand Partnerships can foster a strong sense of community and loyalty towards your brand, as customers often trust recommendations from influencers they follow.
CostSearch Ads can be cost-effective as you only pay when users interact with your ad (cost-per-click), making it a good option for brands with small to medium budgets.Brand Partnerships (or Brand Takeover ads) can sometimes require a larger investment, depending on the influencer’s popularity and demand.
ControlWith Search Ads, you have full control over your ad’s design, messaging, and keywords, allowing for more strategic campaign planning.In Brand Partnerships, control over messaging and presentation can vary depending on the agreement with the influencer, potentially leading to less consistency.

Each of these options has its strengths and weaknesses, and your choice should depend on your brand’s objectives, target audience, and budget. Remember to measure and improve ad performance continuously to ensure your campaigns’ success.

Search Ads vs. Open Screen and in-Feed Ads

Advertisers often wonder whether to choose search ads or in-feed ads on Douyin. Here’s a quick comparison to help you make an informed decision:

Search AdsIn-Feed Ads
Search ads on Douyin only appear when users actively search for related keywords.In-feed ads are displayed as part of the general content flow on user’s feed.
These ads are highly targeted, offering a specific solution to user’s queries.These ads are more broadly targeted and are designed to generate brand awareness.
Since search ads are shown when users are actively looking for something, they often have higher conversion rates.In-feed ads may not necessarily lead to immediate action but they increase brand awareness.
For search ads, advertisers need to conduct research to understand the keywords their audience may use.In-feed ads require an understanding of what content resonates with your audience as they need to blend seamlessly into the general user feed.
You can access search ads through DOU+ advertising options.In-feed ads are also accessible through DOU+ advertising options.

Each type of Douyin ad format serves different marketing objectives, so consider your goals before making a decision. Douyin’s advanced search capabilities and dynamic short-video app make both choices appealing for different reasons.

Search Ads vs. Live-streaming

When comparing Search Ads to Livestreaming on Douyin, there are a few noteworthy differences. In the table below, we break down these differences to give a clearer understanding of both options.

Search AdsLivestreaming
Search ads pop up when users look for related keywords, ensuring targeted reach.Livestreaming has a broad audience, as it is not based on keyword-related searches.
I love how search ads grab attention as users are actively looking for something similar.In comparison, live-streaming often garners passive viewers who may not be actively interested in the product or service being showcased.
Search ads allow you to measure performance through clear metrics like search volume and click-through rates.With live-streaming, gauging success can be a bit more challenging as you would primarily look at the number of views and comments.
Search ads are more focused, allowing for effective promotion of specific products or services.Live-streaming is often used for brand awareness, product launches, or collaborations, without the same level of specificity as search ads.

In conclusion, both search ads and live-streaming are valuable advertising options on Douyin, each with their unique advantages. The best choice depends on your marketing strategy and campaign objectives.

Chinese KOL marketing

Leveraging Douyin Search Ads Effectively

To effectively leverage Douyin Search Ads, it’s essential to clearly define campaign objectives, smartly strategize your target audience, customize creative visuals for maximum impact, and regularly measure performance for constant improvement.

Defining Campaign Objectives

Let’s talk about setting goals for your Douyin search ads campaign. Clear objectives are key. They guide us to create the best ad strategy and hit our targets. Douyin has many ways we can get your brand out there.

We have in-feed ads, native ads, search ads, open-screen ads, sticker ads, and more! Each one does something different for your brand. The way you pay and how it looks is unique too! You need to get this before you start showing off your brand on Douyin.

Many types of people use this app as well, so think hard about who should see your ad when making a plan.

Targeting Strategies

The ad finds its way to the right user, not the other way around. Here’s how I get it done:

  1. I start by setting clear goals. Do I want to draw more users? Do I aim to make my brand known? Or do I just want to sell more? My goals shape my strategies.
  2. Next, I pick out who can benefit from my ads. Douyin has many users – over 700 million of them! By making sure my ad goes only to those who need it, I save money and time.
  3. After that, I make sure my ad doesn’t look like an ad. Users love content that is fun or helps them in some way. So, using Douyin’s native ad style, my ads come across as helpful hints or interesting finds, rather than pushy sells.
  4. Lastly, if I have something big coming up – a sale or new product – I opt for larger ad formats like Douyin TopView or Brand Takeover. These guarantee that lots of users see what we are about to do.

With the varying lengths of ads on Douyin – from five seconds to a whole minute – there is always room for creativity and freshness in each attempt.

Customizing Creatives

I love using Douyin search ads to make my products stand out. It gives me a chance to be creative and get seen by many people.

Using Douyin advertising is a perfect way of making a product stand out. It’s also a chance to be creative in your marketing efforts.

But it’s important to choose the right visuals for your ad. You can use images, GIFs, or short videos. The goal is to catch the user’s eye and make them want to know more about your product.

Next, think about what your ad will say. The words should be easy to understand and speak directly to what the user needs or wants. Pricing details are important too! Make sure they are clear and easy for users to find.

And don’t forget about your brand name and product category. This helps users learn who you are and what you offer.

Lastly, test different versions of your ad to see what works best. This could mean changing the visuals or text until you discover what brings in the most customers.

Elevate Your Douyin Advertising with Gentlemen Marketing Agency

As the allure of Douyin’s search ads continues to captivate brands and advertisers, ensuring a strategic and effective approach becomes paramount. Enter Gentlemen Marketing Agency, your trusted partner in navigating this dynamic platform.

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Why Choose Us?

  1. Certified Douyin Partner: Our official partnership with Douyin is a testament to our expertise. You’re not just collaborating with an agency; you’re partnering with seasoned professionals backed by Douyin itself.
  2. Tailored Strategies: Douyin is a diverse ecosystem, and a one-size-fits-all approach won’t do. We design bespoke advertising campaigns, ensuring your brand message resonates effectively with the intended audience.
  3. ROI-Focused Approach: Our goal isn’t just to get your ads on Douyin but to ensure they deliver measurable results. We’re driven by data and performance metrics, ensuring maximum return on your investment.
  4. End-to-End Solutions: From conceptualizing your ad campaign to optimizing it for search, monitoring performance, and tweaking strategies for better results, we provide a holistic advertising solution.

With Gentlemen Marketing Agency as your Douyin Certified Partner, you can leverage this potential to its fullest.

Ready to take your Douyin advertising to new heights? Connect with Gentlemen Marketing Agency today and set your brand on the path to Douyin success.

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