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Weibo is the largest open social media in China. Along with other social media and e-commerce platforms, Weibo has reshaped Chinese modern lives. Besides social networks, Weibo has also developed into a powerful and essential marketing tool. However, marketing on this platform is not easy for foreign brands, as the social ecosystem, as well as the culture, are different in China from Western ones. GMA (Gentlemen Marketing Agency) is an expert in Weibo marketing. We help brands & businesses open official Weibo accounts and manage the promotional content and other marketing campaigns.

What is Weibo?

Weibo is a Chinese microblogging website platform, launched by Sina Corporation on 14 August 2009. As of March 2020, Weibo declared to have more than 550 million monthly active users, of which 40% are between 23 and 30 years old. Users use Weibo as a platform to share and get social information. They can follow those people in whom they have interests or be followed by others. It works quite like its American counterpart but is more functional. The content shared on the platform can be textual, visual, video, and live streams.

Cost-Effective Agency

KPI and Results focused. We are the most visible Marketing Agency for China. Not because of huge spending but because of our SMART Strategies. Let us help you with: E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Weibo, WeChat, WeChat Store & PR.

Why Weibo is crucial for your branding in China?

Milk power weibo
KOL campaigns on Weibo

The development of the Internet has greatly changed and reshaped Chinese people’s lifestyles, ways of exchanging information, consumption behaviors, etc. As the Chinese deeply rely on online reviews, friends, families, and their trust KOLs’ opinions about which products or services are worth choosing, social platforms play an important role in this exchange of information. What’s more, because of scandals that happened in China, the Chinese consumer is wary of those unknown brands.

It is thus crucial to create your brand awareness and promote your brand reputation in the market. Weibo, as the leading open social platform in China, is no doubt your first choice for your branding.

With its open social platform essence and giant user base, Weibo can help you to reach a short time many targets and your content will go viral with the help of well-chosen KOLs. Weibo is very suitable and popular for KOL marketing, to a point that almost every KOL that you can name has a Weibo account.

Choosing a suitable Weibo KOL is crucial for your campaign

In spite of the efficiency and power of KOLs in your branding on Weibo, there are still some tricks in the KOL industry. Extra attention should be accented to in the KOL campaign.

First of all, you should be aware that not all the data proposed by KOLs are reliable, it exists that KOLs give fake performance data. As a consequence, you invested money and time, but you can’t get the results you are supposed to have. Choosing KOLs who suit your brand concept, value and image is essential in the KOL campaign.

It is not always a good idea to choose a big star or a top KOL to market your brand if your budget is limited. Applying several well-chosen KOLs to cooperate in your branding strategies can give you a cost-efficient effect. GMA is an expert in KOL marketing for a long time, we can work out a wonderful KOL strategy for your branding in China.

Creation & verification of your Weibo official account

Chinese CCTV account verified on Weibo

All legal companies in the world, either Chinese ones or foreign ones can be registered on Weibo, but the entry fees are different for those two kinds. If it concerns a foreign entity, you have to pay 1,000 USD to be registered, while for Chinese ones, they only need to pay an entry fee of 300 USD.

Once you have your brand account, you’d better get your account a “V” in the lower right corner of your profile photo, as the above picture shows. This means that you have gotten your brand account verified.

An official Weibo account verified can demonstrate to viewers that your identification is affirmed by Weibo so that you can have access to more Weibo tools. Moreover, this can promote your account’s credibility and get more followers.

Weibo’s censorship system – important for your branding in China

Two posts of the same Chinese star, but the content on the right has been limited traffic.

Like all platforms in China, the giant censorship net is everywhere, including Weibo. Those contents not aligned with rules will be blocked or be limited traffic and can bring problems. So in your content creation, pay attention to those sensitive words and sentences. They are always changing and not easy to be known, but there are several categories that can give you an idea:

  • Words invoking violence, racism, terrorism, etc.
  • Pornographic contents
  • Certain political names or contents
  • Sensitive financial words like bank account, money transfer, etc.

It is not easy for foreign brands to be aware of all those sensitive words or sentences. GMA can take over all the content and community management so that brands invest almost nothing in the undertaking. We are capable to provide premium marketing and interacting content to attract and engage your targets.

SEO Agency- A Weibo Marketing Agency

Our agency is headquartered in China, Shanghai., with subsidiaries operating in Shenzhen, Paris, and London. Our team is a mix of Western & Chinese specialists in the Chinese market and online marketing solutions for Social Media. 

We can provide you with a full-package Weibo services as follows:
  • Weibo Opening Account & verification
  • Weibo Official Account Design
  • Weibo Advertising (all types)
  • Weibo Events & KOLs
  • Weibo Content Creation
  • Weibo Community Management
  • Monthly report about Weibo KPIs
All services in a very low fees:
  • Our Marketing Package for Weibo starts at $500/month 
  • A Full Campaign on Weibo can reach: $50 000 / month. 
  • Opening Official Weibo Account : Cost start at $1000 + Registration Fees usually $1000 

We help brands to connect with Chinese community.

GMA is a Full Digital Marketing Agency for International Businesses targeting Chinese consumers. With Weibo advertising, we can help you to target a specific Chinese audience, and get your brand high exposure.

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  1. Lot of Problem for official account registration on Sina Weibo, do you need a phone number? seems yes
    E-mail is just for signing up for personal right?

    WRONG : using Facebook to register, fake news.

    Can you apply with Foreign number or you need to Find someone with a Chinese phone nb

    1. A professional Weibo Account you need more than a Tel number.
      If it is a personal Weibo, we can not Help you… Need to contact Weibo customer service directly…

  2. So that mean i cant login into my account with Facebook
    Weibo just for Chinese now?
    I have a problem of connexion of my VIP account

    1. We help Business to open Weibo Account, not personal. I am sorry that weibo banned your account because of your facebook connexion, next time use professional Agent 😉

  3. I would like to close my account please.
    My log in phone number is 00447468453844 I cant send an email because the Weibo email inbox is full

  4. I have a problem on Weibo, please help me.
    Lili Zhu..find me on Facebook..
    Wang Fengmei please call..405 882 1819
    Awei Hu…contact
    Qian Tang…Nov 01 1989. China, Shanghai. Contact me.

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