Weibo Agent : Opening Official Weibo Account & Advertising Fensitong & Tui Weibo

We are an official Weibo Agent. We help Brands & business to Open Official Weibo Account, and can manage Advertising Fensitong & Tui Weibo.

Weibo Agent : Official Agent

SEA is an official authorized agent for WEIBO  in Europe , USA and Southeast Asia.

We are able to open oversea Verified Weibo Account for Brands 

Today, our agency is headquartered in China, Shanghai., with subsidiaries operating in Shenzhen, Paris and London.

Our team is mix Western & Chinese specializes in Chinese market online marketing solution for Social Media. 

Weibo Marketing Agency

  1. Weibo Opening Account
  2. Weibo Design
  3. Weibo Advertising
  4. Weibo Events
  5. Weibo Content
  6. Weibo community management
  7. Weibo KOL



  • Our Marketing Package for Weibo starts at 500$/month 
  • A Full Campaign on Weibo can reach: 50 000$ / month. 
  • opening Official Weibo Account : Cost start at 1000$ + Registration Fees usually 1000$ 

We help Brands to connect with Chinese community.

SAC is a Full Digital Marketing Agency, and target Chinese Consumers for International Businesses. With Weibo advertising, we can help you to target a specific Chinese audience (like Facebook Ads ) based on unique characteristics such as Age, interests and behavior



There are now more young people using Sina Weibo, it is the platform for Millenials. 

According to Weibo Heaquarter,

  1. it has 340 million active monthly users,
  2. +30% on the previous year.
  3. About 154 million daily active user
  4. 91% of whom access it via mobile.

“Our relentless focus to build the best social media experience in China is reflected in Weibo’s strong performance,”

Gaofei Wang, Weibo chief executive, said in a statement. source

“Looking ahead, we continue to see strong momentum, as we further optimise Weibo to share, discover and consume information, especially for the mobile, social and video environment.”
China has an estimated 731 million web users, more than 90% of whom can access the internet via a smartphone, according to the China Internet Network Information Centre.

Sina Weibo is the most popular of Chinese blogging plateform, and it is the preferred platform for most Chinese newspapers and TV stations, which have millions of fans already.. 

Weibo has become the most important marketing platform for video contents Source



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9 thoughts on “Weibo Agent : Opening Official Weibo Account & Advertising Fensitong & Tui Weibo”

  1. Lot of Problem for official account registration on Sina Weibo, do you need a phone number? seems yes
    E-mail is just for signing up for personal right?

    WRONG : using Facebook to register, fake news.

    Can you apply with Foreign number or you need to Find someone with a Chinese phone nb

    1. A professional Weibo Account you need more than a Tel number.
      If it is a personal Weibo, we can not Help you… Need to contact Weibo customer service directly…

  2. So that mean i cant login into my account with Facebook
    Weibo just for Chinese now?
    I have a problem of connexion of my VIP account

    1. We help Business to open Weibo Account, not personal. I am sorry that weibo banned your account because of your facebook connexion, next time use professional Agent 😉

  3. I would like to close my account please.
    My log in phone number is 00447468453844 I cant send an email because the Weibo email inbox is full

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