Small Chinese Online Marketplaces Are Cost Effective for Your Business

What are the place that few people speak about it, but can make money in China ? 

Good question… it is the topic of Today. 


Suning is an electronics retailer that provides across the country. But it is introducing itself as an e-tailer for avoiding the disastrous fate of the brick-and-mortar industry. It is interesting to see how the company uses its experience in the industry to invest in e-commerce in China. is originally an online B2C electrical store, owned by one of the largest electrical appliance retailers in China. Now it already covers traditional household appliances, 3C appliances, daily necessities, and other items.


Gome, a close rival of Suning and 360buy, because they also operate retail shops selling electronics and electrical appliances. As the market slowly diversifies into e-commerce, and as more customers turn to online shopping, Gome is transforming itself into an e-tailer to keep an eye in the market.


The number one cross-border platform in China can be a good choice for small and medium Business. They just create a similar system of Tmall of internal management, to sell your product to their Community of Cross-border Buyers. 

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Use Taobao Daigous

Already explain in previous Article here

Meituan Dianping:

Founded in 2003, Meituan Dianping is a supermassive O2O platform Meituan with a long-standing market leaders in the group-buy industry. They offer deals and discounts that are usable in many cities, such as at restaurants, cinemas, travel agencies, etc. The rise of China’s super-platforms is driven by both consumers and companies, it combines related activities or services for consumers. Other factors also played for Dianping through an innovative model based on four categories: the relationship between the consumer and the information, the SNS (Social Networking Service), the products and the services.

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DangDang, the e-tailer specialist that sells almost everything from clothing, shoes, to gadgets, also has an e-reader and e-book service which launched recently in April. Called the Doucan, the Kindle-like e-reader is highly integrated with Dangdang’s own e-book store. Customers are able to purchase e-books from within the Doucan device. often likened to, is China’s largest online bookstore. Dangdang sells over 200,000 kinds of books and 10,000 kinds of software and audio products. In recent years, it has expanded to an online department store selling products including beauty, electronics, clothing, 3C digital and other categories.

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NetEase icloud music

Founded in 1997, NetEase is a Beijing-based firm offering online internet technology services. It operates through the following business segments: Online Games, Advertising, e-mail Services, and e-commerce. The e-commerce segment provides an online selling and payment platform, e-reading applications, matchmaking services, online music, and social networking. NetEase e-commerce solutions offer a diverse portfolio of services available to Chinese consumers on both desktop and mobile. NetEase launched in 2015, which operates on a similar basis to and has a customer base of 15 million. NetEase also operates Yanxuan, a cross-border and private label e-commerce business.



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